Unleaded Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) Hjelmco UL SIB-2010-31

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This SIB is published to inform all owners and operators of
aeroplanes powered by spark-ignited piston engines about the use
of unleaded Hjelmco Avgas 91/96 UL and unleaded Hjelmco Avgas
91/98 UL produced by Hjelmco Oil Inc., Runskogsvagen 4 B, SE
192-48 Sollentuna, Sweden.

Hjelmco Avgas 91/96 UL and Hjelmco Avgas 91/98 UL meet the
requirements of MIL-G-5572 and ASTM D910-07 for grade 91/96
and 91/98 fuel (except of colour), as well as the requirements of
ASTM D7547-09. Hjelmco Avgas 91/96 UL and Hjelmco Avgas
91/98 UL differ from Avgas 100LL on certain properties, listed in
Table 1.

Hjelmco Avgas 91/96 UL or Hjelmco Avgas 91/98 UL may be used, if approved for the particular engine types. No additional approval is
required for the aeroplane, provided the aeroplane is already approved for operation with Avgas (according to ASTM D910, Def Stan 91-90, Mil-G-5572, GOST1012-72 or equivalent) and the engine is already approved to use Avgas 91/96 UL, Avgas 91/98 UL, Avgas 80/87, Avgas 80, Avgas 78 or, for Kalisz engines only, Avgas 91/115.

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