New Engine Documentation Required

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New Engine Documentation Required

We have recently received an engine with the associated documentation:
1 .- New engine with form 8130-3.
2 .- Overview of accessories installed (not attached Form 8130-3)
3 .- List with achived ADs 

My queries are as follows:


· The accessories that are part of the base engine must be accompanied with Form 8130-3? Or only just the form with the identification of the components?

· For a new engine, should it be accompanied by a list of Service Bulletins complied with the factory, or just a list of Airworthiness Directives?.


The engine in question is a Lycoming model O-360-E1A6D.


Thanks in advance.




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I haven't dealt with new turbine engines but TCM and Lycoming give you an 8130-3 for THE ENGINE! All the accessories are considered part of its TCDS and do not require individual 8130s. All the factory log books I've seen list all the major components with S/Ns and a statement to the effect that ADs and SBs are up to date as of the date of manufacture.

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