New AD out for the Reims C406

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New AD out for the Reims C406

I noticed that AD2015-16-07 just dropped out from the AD Biweeklys.  It's on the C406 Rudder pedal torque tubes and is a "Before further flight" AD.

We seldom see the C406, but it has commonality of parts with the C421C, and C425 in that system..

You may want to look the rudder pedal torque tubes over closely in any of the aircraft to do due diligence.  I have been unable to access the ASI Aviation SB # F406-104, dated July 28, 2015.  If you google that SB, all I've been able to get is the AD.  I've emailed the FAA in KC to try to access it that way.


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If you are An IA. The SB should be in the newest update to your IA Library. If you are not an IA or Don't have an IA Library, Talk to your local IA. They should have access to the SB.

Well, I am an IA, but the Reims SB is not in any of the databases that I've run across yet. Not in the ATP database, tho the AD is under the Reims 406, but it doesn't have a link to the SB.
I've been in conversation with the FAA at KC about it and they told me that the ICT ACO is starting to study it.
I've tried EASA, which forwarded me to Reims, but I haven't heard a peep out of them yet.
If you've got a local IA that has better info than I can access, please have him get in contact through here.

Now for the latest update in this debacle of an information gathering event. KC FAA still can't get the Reims SB. I have tried unsuccessfully to get access through the Reims website. Their person in charge of the information wanted to know just why I would want access to that information and since then it's just been crickets from them.
My local FSDO is having exactly the same experience as I did with Reims. Even they are getting stonewalled.
This entire fiasco started with an EASA Emergency AD, which then the FAA echoed with their own AD. Both AD's reference the inspection of the parts in question to be inspected IAW the F406 SB. How does the FAA expect us to be able to determine the airworthiness of the various parts if we are unable to get the specific information?
Granted, this is against the C406, but the C-421C and C-425 have identical structure. We have some very high time aircraft out there and need the best way to detect problems before they become PROBLEMS.

ATP also has had no success in getting this SB. We contacted ASI and they responded with a denial for access to the ASI website or distribution of the SB to us by ASI.

Typical for foreign manufacturers to not want to comply with the requirements of 21.50. There are 7 F406s registered in the US, so I would have thought that FAA would have had a copy of the SB prior to issuing the AD. Go figure!

I understand the desire to maintain aircraft in a safe condition, but this specific AD only covers the F406, so there is no regulatory need to comply with the inspection on other 400 series Cessna's. Looks like FAA jumped without really looking on this one.

I have finally tracked down the one SB F406-104 in captivity. It's amazing when you finally call high enough just how quickly things happen. Bob, how can I email this copy to you so you can get it published for the people out in aviation land.
I just attached it to an email to [email protected] You should be able to track it down in your system now.

Thanks SkyBob,
I got your email and attachment. We will attach the SB to the AD as Incorporated by Reference and get it right out. It is also attached to the original post in this thread.

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