New 8130-3's, Rev H, where can you find them electronically

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New 8130-3's, Rev H, where can you find them electronically

With the new Revision to the 8130-3, Order 8130-21H, the FAA is making our 8130-3's more compatible with the EASA version.  My question is that the changeover is to take place by Feb. 01, 2014, and I have not been able to find a source to download a new form that I can fill in.  I work with a Repair Station, so all my 8130-3's would need to have the right side certifications and the left side greyed out.  The Order shown above states that you can get 8130-3's from their website:  but all they have online yet is the old version that is being phased out.  I'm trying to get ahead of the power curve, but not having much or actually any success in this endeavor.

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You might just need to make your own version in Word until February. There is a samole in the Appendix of the order. All the forms distributed in ATP's product are Word documents created to be a exact duplicate of the FAA form. I am not sure when we will start (or finish) our updated 8130.

Order link with Appendix:$FILE/8130.21H.pdf

Not supposed to use them until February 2014. That may be why they aren't on the FAA web site yet.

ARSA Highlights Concerns on Order 8130.21H
On Nov.19, ARSA sent a letter to the FAA concerning the prohibition on early compliance to FAA Order 8130.21H, specifically the ability to use the revised FAA Form 8130-3 before its Feb. 1, 2014 effective date. (See previous story).

In its letter, the association questioned the FAA's ability to enforce the prohibition since an FAA Order is not a rule and argued that early compliance is in the best interest of industry and the agency. ARSA requested the FAA immediately lift its prohibition on early compliance to Order 8130-21H or provide a letter explaining the agency's current position.

That's been my take on an A&P using the 8130-3 as a return to service document for a component that otherwise doesn't have a maintance record(log book). If an A&P completes the data required by 43.9, it doesn't matter where he records it, so long as it is recorded. The 8130-3 is the ideal document since that is what a repair station uses it for. There is no regulatory basis to file a violation against an A&P for signing an 8130-3 since the section in 8130.21 saying he can't is an Order, and not a regulation.

You are right an FAA order is not at rule, however under part 145 if you include an FAA form in your manuals you have to follow the current orders to keep the current. If the 8130.21 is updated that would mean you should update your manual to keep it current like your forms section with the new 8130-3. It’s a catch 22 because the order changes all the time and as a repair station you are required to keep your manuals current. So if the FAA makes a change to a form that really means the repair station must also make a change. But the FAA has to make the form available if they call it out. I would contact your PMI and put the monkey on his back to provide at least one of the new 8130-3 forms for copying.

I talked with my FSDO about the 8130-3 change in Thursday and they said it's OK with them to start using the new form. They didn't know a good place to be able to get the electronic version yet unfortunately.

I was at my local FSDO Thursday and asked one of the ASI's, he is telling his repair stations to go ahead and start using the new form. I asked him where I could find them but he didn't know specifically where to access them. Then he mentioned the EASA MAG change level 3. Something else to do.

I just reviewed the old 8130-3 against the new 8130-3. Block #9 (Eligibility) on the old form has been removed on the new form. This change has also renumbered all the other blocks as well. Still need to review the 8130 order to make sure the block numbers were changed in the order as well.

The new rev level 8130-3 is indeed up on the site under forms, but I have been unable to manipulate the form to grey out the left side. I have the question in to the Forms Manager in OKC to see if they will publish 8130-3's that are already greyed out and suitable for Part 145 repair station use. Stay tuned.

Now I'm on the search for the new 8130-3's in .DOC format. Plenty of them out there in PDF, but you can't save them electronically in that format. The site has the PDF form. Has anyone found a Word formatted form?

ATP publishes most of the maintenance related FAA forms in MS Word in our libraries. I will send you a copy offline.

Bob Jones (AskBob)

Hey Bob,
you need to look at your 8130-3. You need to make a change in Block #1, Removed the word National and insert the Civil. Then your form will be compliant.

Thank you, I'd checked your forms area but all I could find was the older version.

Thanks, corrected. Good human factors lesson, form was QC'ed but the mind sometimes sees what it wants to and not what is actually there.

I appreciate you sending me the .doc form. It certainly helps keep us going.

Bob, any chance I could get a word "doc" 8130 ? I have been using the previous and recent version for quite some time, unfortunately I need to rebuild my files due to a catastrophic computer failure.

Thanks in advance, mark

I can not attach a file to comments on this site so send me a email and I will reply with ATP's MSWord version.
[email protected]

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