New 8130-3 Form

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New 8130-3 Form

The FAA has released Order 8130.21H covering how to complete the new 8130-3. The new 8130-3 will be dated 2/14 and will replace the form dated 06/01. The change is part of a effort to harmonize the Authorized Release Certificate among multiple civil aviation authorities.

The changes to the form include:

  • Change the term “National” to “Civil” in Block 1
  • Remove Block 9 – Eligibility Block
  • Remove term “Batch” from the “Serial/Batch” Block
  • Renumber Blocks to coincide with other countries’ Form 1
  • Change the date format to (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Update “User/Installer Responsibilities” section at the bottom of the ARC to match the new Part 21 terminology (i.e. articles)

.In addition the Order changes:

  • Changed record retention requirements for domestic and export airworthiness approvals to 5 years for products & articles and 10 years for critical parts. An
    approval for return - to - service must comply with parts
    43, 91, 121, 135, and 145 – 2 years.
  • Updated guidance describing how copies of FAA Form 8130-3 are handled and marked.
  • Removed the term “issuer” and replaced it with“originator” (defined in Appendix C: Definitions).
  • Harmonized the implementing instructions for Block 7- Description.
  • In the block-by-block instructions concerning “Block
    12”, added implementing instructions for batch or lot
  • Moved all sample figures of FAA Form 8130-3 to a
    separate appendix – Appendix A.
  • Record retention, Handling lost FAA Form 8130-3, and Reissuing FAA Form 8130-3 because of typographical
  • Added note to clarify that prototype products/articles
    are not eligible for installation on in-service, type
    certificated aircraft.
  • Guidance regarding how commercial parts are
    potentially eligible with Form 8130-3 is now included. U
  • Updates have been made to the documentation
    procedures for splitting bulk shipments (removed
    certified true copy requirement & added “authorized
  • Added section discussing how to handle articles
    marked with dual or multiple part numbers.
  • Added section discussing return-to-
    service information relevant to the European Union, which includes how to fill out Form 8130-3 for “Rebuilt Engines” — removes deviation to order signed on September 5, 2008.
  • Updates the terms “Inspected” and/or “Tested” in the
    status/work block with the Maintenance Annex Guide.
  • Updated Paragraph 4 -1(b)(1), so wording mirrors FAA
    Order 8130.2 concerning “exporter’s” responsibilities.
  • Added “Note” giving guidance on US and EU annexes.
  • Updated section concerning used products and articles
    reflecting changes to Part 21.
  • Updated the terms “NEW” and “USED” in the
    status/work block in accordance with 14 CFR 21.331.
  • Added section in the remarks block (Block 12) when
    exporting a product or article to a country or jurisdiction
    that does not have a bilateral agreement with the U.S.
  • Removes the sample figures of extensible markup
    language (XML) fragments from chapter 5.
  • Removes the required use of the watermark “Printed
    from Electronic File” from the electronic FAA Form


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