MX Fatigue Countermeasures Computer Based Training (CBT)

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MX Fatigue Countermeasures Computer Based Training (CBT)

Free on-line training for maintenance personal from the FAA. Take this opportunity to learn about effective fatigue risk management.

This interactive training keeps you interested and involved as you learn the basics about fatigue, sleep, and fatigue risk management.

Lesson 1: Fatigue Basics. In this section you will learn the causes of fatigue and how to look for symptoms. You will be able to identify fatigue hazards and how they can dangerously impact your life.

Lesson 2: Sleep Basics. This section describes why your mind and body become fatigued so you can proactively look for solutions.

Lesson 3: Fatigue Management Strategies. This section helps you identify methods you can use to effectively prevent or combat fatigue.

Course Exam: The end of course exam will ask you questions over the materials you reviewed in the lessons. You will only be able to enter your answer once and you must score 80% to pass the course. A printable congratulatory certificate with your name and date of issue is provided upon successful course completion.

We hope that you will use the information from this interactive training and apply it to your life. You will be surprised how using a few fatigue countermeasures can help you get some extra sleep that will improve your overall mood, health, and safety.

If you are interested in earning credit for the FAA's AMT award program, this course will be available on the FAASAFETY.GOV site in January 2011.

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Rick Armstrong (not verified)
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Thanks for the link. I have this on my training schedule for 2011.

Posted by Rick Armstrong via LinkedIn

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Very Good Training.....

Dr. Ali Al-Harabi (not verified)
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Excellent type of training. Do you have same training for Flight Crew Members (Airline Pilots)?

Dr. Ali Al-Harabi

[email protected]

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