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 A Maintenance Inspector’s ARSA report reiterates the need for careful review and inspection in any maintenance procedure, but especially when manpower issues, workload, and time pressure are added to the process.
■ I was the Inspector on the shift and two other Mechanics and I were finishing up the rigging and final checks after a scheduled engine change on a DHC-8 aircraft…. On top of this we had a spare [aircraft] being worked, which suddenly had to go out. The Lead
was busy with other duties on the engine change, so I was also working on closing out the package and making sure all the paperwork was correct on the spare. When it came time to close the cowlings, I helped lift the lower cowl while the Mechanics secured it
and hooked up the connectors, hoses, and jumpers. We “ops checked” the deice light and bypass door function. I inspected the lower cowling deck and internal area of the intake for FOD and cleanliness and we closed the cowling.

We found out the next day that the deice supply hose was connected to the oil cooler drain valve, which can be done since they are adjacent to each other and look similar.
The intake deice boot and one boot on the wing were found to be inoperative on the first flight of the day. The event occurred simply because we were in a hurry to get the engine change done, get the aircraft ready for an evaluation flight for another maintenance issue, and trying also to get the spare aircraft finished up to go out.

Slow down and take the time to review what you have just done even when you are rushed by time constraints, lack of manpower, and a heavy workload.

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