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Inactive A&P Question

The following was submitted by email from Michael:

Will my A&P certificate expire if I have not worked as a mechanic for a very long time? What should I do if I want to go back to working as an A&P mechanic again?

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If you have a paper certificate, it has to be replaced by March 31, 2013 or it is no longer valid. If you wanted to get your IA, you have to be actively engaged as a mechanic for 2 years with a fixed base of operation.

The FAR state:

65.83 Recent experience requirements.
A certificated mechanic may not exercise the privileges of his certificate and rating unless, within the preceding 24 months—

(a) The Administrator has found that he is able to do that work; or

(b) He has, for at least 6 months—

(1) Served as a mechanic under his certificate and rating;

(2) Technically supervised other mechanics;

(3) Supervised, in an executive capacity, the maintenance or alteration of aircraft; or

(4) Been engaged in any combination of paragraph (b) (1), (2), or (3) of this section.

If you have not performed 6 months as an A&P in the prior 2 years you must be supervised by someone qualified for the task. You should document this in your personal logbook to document performance being you are not signing off the work till you get your 6 months in again.

Here's another example of anonymous experts whose answer is WRONG! The man asked "Will my A&P certificate expire if I have not worked as a mechanic for a very long time?" Mr. anonymous tells him about a paper certificate, IA and currency requirements. Nice things you should know but it doesn't answer his question.

The question is 'Will my A&P certificate expire if I have not worked as a mechanic for a very long time?' and the answer is no. An A&P certificate is valid until it's suspended or revoked. Bob's answer below is accurate...

I apologize for not answering the question clearly.

"Will my A&P certificate expire if I have not worked as a mechanic for a very long time?"

No. Note if you have a paper certificate you will not be able to excersize your privelages after March 31, 2013.

"What should I do if I want to go back to working as an A&P mechanic again?"

Work with another mechanic until you feel comfortable working on your own and ensure you have your currency. See FAR part 65.

Bob, I'm no expert but I am human.

While Bob's answer is accurate, it is merely his interpretation.
Excepting and accident/incident involving incompetence by a mechanic, the administrator is NOT going to pursue punitive action against a mechanic for non-compliance with recent experience requirements described in 65.83 (b), (1-4).

Both Bob's are ignoring paragraph (a) which the Administrator has consistently applied in ALL instances excepting those involving incompetence resulting in an accident/incident.

Postulate all you like, however you cannot find any Administrative action by the FAA Administrator to the contrary.

Having said that, I do recommend maintaining currency via Bob's suggested method.

Being human notwithstanding, both Bobs are giving a direct answer to a direct question. Everything else is anonymous psychobabble! There's enough spin here to dry a large load of clothes. Sir, are you a politician?

I just received my FAA letter stating when my paper A&P will be expired. The FAA stated in this letter that after that date my paper A&P, as a means identification is no good, and I cannot sign anything off requiring a A&P, until I get my plastic A&P card. It's not officially revoked or suspended by the FAA.

That is true, After March 31 2013 a paper A&P certificate can not be used. This is different than the inactivity question as it will expire active or not. More details can be found on this post

One thing to consider, when your new plastic license arrives, the issue date will be the date it was printed, not your original date. When going to the FAA for your IA, it would behoove you to take along your paper license to prove length of experience. Learned that the hard way.

Hello Bob,
I graduated in 2010 from Aviation Insritute of maintenance received my sign offs and an associates in applied sciences, however never became certified as an a&p.I am currently employed at Advance Aero inc, I've been employed for a little over a year. My question is am I still eligible to become certified or am I going to have to get sign off's again? Thank you for your time.

The answer is YES you can still obtain your A&P. The FAA form 8610-2 once signed by an FAA inspector is good until you take your first written test. The date you take the written test is when the 2-year clock starts to finish the entire process.

Say if you were to lose your 8610-2 forms, as long as you have your certificate from AIM you can always get a new 8610-2 signed to test.

Bottom line is study take the written tests then turn around say within a week of two and take the oral and practical or soon as possible. The oral questions are very close to the writtenl questions so while it is fresh in your head take the oral and practical with a DME.

So take your 8610-2 to any FAA written test center make an appointment and take all three written tests.

I am a DME for AIM at the Oakland center in California and a retired FAA field inspector from the Oakland FSDO. Any questions just contact me and I will assist you through the process.

Good Luck on testing.

Just to clear up a little miss understanding in the mechanic world about the issue date on your mechanic-rating card. As stated the date is ONLY the date the card was issued NOT you original certification date.

Any FAA employee in Flight Standard has access to a database and can look up any airman and find the date of their original issuance so keeping old paper copy is NOT required. You can also write to Airman Records and they will send you FREE of charge a copy of your original certificate to hang on the wall. If you apply for an IA authorization the first thing the inspector will do is check the data base and check it against what the airman brings to the office for the authorization to test.

I happen to have five A&P cards all with different issue dates and one with my pictures that expired after five years. I was part of the picture test program at the FAA. That certificate has been replaced with my latest certificate that does not expire.

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