Important Notice To Our Continental Motors Maintenance Library Subscribers

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Important Notice To Our Continental Motors Maintenance Library Subscribers

Relationship Change:
Continental Motors has evaluated their technical publication distribution options. At this time, ATP has been instructed to stop selling subscriptions to Continental Motors technical publications. We will continue to provide our industry leading support for existing subscriptions until they expire. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision, please contact ATP Customer Support, or contact Continental Motors directly at (+1) 251-436-8292 (worldwide) or 800-326-0089 (U.S.A.) or email [email protected].

New Web Site:
Continental Motors has created a new website to replace the TCM Link website for technical publications. Subscribers will need to register immediately on the new Continental Motors website as a rollover customer.

Instructions for Registering on the New Continental Motors Website
1. To register, go to and select Create an Account located at top right corner of home page,
2. Select your member type - FBO or Information Services - and complete the member profile form. (When keying in your email address on the profile form, YOU MUST use your TCM Link account email address in order for the system to recognize you.)
3. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions then click to submit.
4. You will then be directed to a payment form. Select the button that says “Already a Paid Member”, which will complete your registration process. (The system reads your expiration date and knows you are paid member through that date.)
5. There is a 2-4 hour approval process before you can login. You will be notifed via email once your registration has been completed.

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