Functions of OSHA course

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Functions of OSHA course

OSHA or occupational health and safety administration provides trainers course for general industry. The course is intended for persons teaching OSHA. There is special focus on various topics required to be applied at work. The topics include OSHA safety and health standards, policies and procedures. Trainer can identify the common violations of OSHA standards. Examinations are conducted during the course. With the successful completion of the course and examinations, the person becomes qualified trainer. The topics include introduction to OSHA standards, overview of OSH act, training techniques, electrical safety standards and work practices, personal protective equipment, introduction to industrial hygiene, overview of the outreach training program. There is also a performance test and knowledge test. The maximum score of the performance test is 75. It constitutes 25 specific items for demonstration during the presentation of their training session. The knowledge test consists of 50 multiple choice questions of a point. The score of 40 points is considered pass. These trainers are required to qualify the persons of various industries. Trainers can propagate OSHA standards in various industries. Trainers are the essential part of any training programme and these training programmes should be disseminated in various organisations. Training programmes are mandatory in all organisations. Trainers should educate all the workers and employees of any organisation. osha courseĀ  certification has high validity in the industry. Trainers have ample opportunity to train all workers in the various safety aspects. Trainers must be present in industries with hazards to prevent accidents. Employers should arrange trainers for their organisations.

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