Fuel Cap painted Red, requirement is where?

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Fuel Cap painted Red, requirement is where?

I was recently told that my turbine powered helicopter fuel cap "must" be painted Red.
I have searched thru Far 23 & 27, nothing & manufacturer TCDS doesnt specify. Area around fuel cap has placard for identification of fuel type & quantity. Any info would be helpful. Thanx


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We paint Avgas caps Red and they opening should be a smaller diameter.(specified)
Black for JetA1 this would be your case. The opening is larger(specified againe)
this prevents inavertant fueling of airccraft with the wrong fuel.

There are no requirements for turbine aircraft fuel fillers to be painted red. The requirements can be found in § 23.1557(c). However, there's nothing to prevent manufactures from choosing red as a cap color, it's DC...

That's nice but there are NO REQUIREMENTS for any filler caps to be red! That was the question...

Bob P is correct, there is no fuel cap color requirement. For rotorcraft the fuel filler requirements are in 27.1557 and 29.1557. I did a quick search of all certification FAR for "Red". There are a lot of requirements for the use of the color red but none around the fuel cap color.

P.S. a search for "fuel w/5 filler" (i.e. the word fuel withing 5 words of filler) across all FAR parts will bring you to the requirements.

The requirements can be found in § 23.1557(c).

Just wondering who told you the fuel caps must be painted "RED". I certainly hope it was not an FAA maintenance inspector, but if it was I would send a letter to their office requesting in writing the CFR reference they are using. There is nothing wrong with asking for the reference because in this case having the cap painted a certain color is tribal knowledge and NOT a CFR requirement.


Standards for rotorcraft are in part 27 and part 29 (the initial question did not specify normal or transport category).

Also, while unlikely, an Airworthiness Directive or Ops Spec could add a requirement for color.


You're correct, my bad! § 27.1557 Miscellaneous markings and placards has the same info applicable to choppers...

BTW, an AD or Ops Specs would be aircraft specific...

I am the original "questioner". I would like to thank all those who responded. I appreciate your input(s). "As the Rotors turn!"

That would be in chapter 11 of the aircraft maintenance manual giving you the requirements for the specific aircraft paint.

The only requirement for "red" fuel caps apply to aircraft that were approved under the old CAR's. These are available on faa.gov. This would be most older aircraft, pre mid 60's. Not many modern techs realize these old regulations still apply. Unfortunately this a case of most people are either unaware of or choose to ignore them.

...OR the majority aren't maintained under CARs anymore...

There is nothing in CAR 4 or CAR 3 that says to paint the fuel cap red or the oil cap yellow. I don't even recall it in Aerobulletin 7a. I do remeber a Mil-Spec or AN requirement, but can't locate it, so perhaps I'm wrong. It does make sense since many of our requirements were outgrowths from the old ANC board (Army, Navy, Commercial).

But Bob, they have to be maintained to their original certification basis. If they were certified to CAR 4a or CAR 3 they still need to be maintained to that basis.

I don't find any requirements to paint the fuel cap red. And i guess the standard color codes can be found on the manual or even you can search for them online. Anyway, thanks for the question. stomach virus

The requirement for colour coding filler caps is a military one.
MIL-C-38373B. Oil is yellow, Fuel is red and water or alcohol is blue.
The standard was cancelled in 1998.
The red colour is at odds with GA efforts to distinguish Jet from Avgas. This is becoming more of an issue with diesel and turbine engines being fitted to aircraft that historically used Avgas.
GAMA Specification No.3 say Avgas markings should be red and Jet fuel markings black. The logical extension of this is that Avgas caps should be red and Jet A caps black.

Thanks, I knew there was a mil-spec for it!

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