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EASA MAG Change 3

As most are aware EASA has came out with a recent revision to their Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) effective 11/27/13. I swear I have tried to read this 165 page doc but I'm drooling on myself by page 20! Its a brutal read. I have jumped around in the doc to see exactly what the revision means to me as a 145 Repair Station but I cant really figure out what changes (if any) I need to make in my manuals or any other area within the 90 day deadline. There seems to be a lot of talk about FAA and EASA coordinating inspections and reliance on one anothers survveillance systems, and many other specifics about EASA/FAA inspections but what is the reality of the document in how it affects day to day activity (if any). Guess I'm asking if anyone has cliff notes to this document or has a dumbed down version that is actually readable...I'm sure there are much greater minds out there than mine and if you have any input on this Doc, I would love to hear it. Otherwise I will drone thru drooling and head bobbing as long as it takes. Thanks All

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Hey Bob, got a link for this new document?

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Just google EASA MAG change 3 and you'll be reading it quickly. I had the same issue of mind-numbing text. Man is it hard to get thru. I mainly checked the revision pages to see what changed. Good luck getting thru it without falling asleep or out of your chair. It must be Europe's answer to insomnia.

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Here is a link to the document http://ht.ly/rOBF3

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As I understand, the items referenced as "8130-3 NEW" in the MAG chg 3, dated 11/27/2013, it appears to relate directly to New Products/Articles or/and New Components being identified as NEW on the form itself and not to using a "New" FAA 8130-3 form. Please reference Section B, Appendix, item 10(k)(1)(i),(ii), &(iii). Additionally, the TABLE (in Section B, Appendix 1) for "Privileges of the dual EASA and FAA certificated maintenance organization" summarizes possible cases for the 8130-3.

I have been in contact with the FAA and seems there is a lot of misunderstandings within the agency as well on the 8130-3. I was told they would get back with additional information and try to clear this up for us in the field that has to use this recent change.

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No wonder communication is a key human factors problem. We all read the same document but understand different things. The MAC refers to a New 8130-3 and I read "the new 8130-3 the FAA is releasing in April".
Denny reads the MAC and reads "New Article or New Component on a 8130-3"
Thanks for your input Denny.
I think we will need to digest this MAG chg 3 in sections. AFS-1 signed the MAG but it sounds like it did not peculate through much of the FAA before release.

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