EASA Form 1 for installation approval data in US

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EASA Form 1 for installation approval data in US

I want to put in an NAT intercomm in an airplane - however, they come with an EASA Form 1 instead of an 8130. I don't believe I can install this item... Does anybody know? I looked into this with Trig Transponders a few months ago, and found some FAA posting about a "Dual Release Form One" - where in Block 13 it mentions something about FAA data. I can no longer find that posting or regulation or whatever it was. I find a lot of stuff on the web about Europeans using 8130's with a dual release, but can't find about the Form 1 here in the USA.
I simply want to know for certain yes or no can I use Form 1?


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If the part is new and the Form 1 has the manufacturing release signed on the left side then the part is acceptable for use (assuming that you have an approved installation for this intercom).

If the part is used and the Form 1 has a return to service signed on the right side then you need a dual release with the FAA approval noted in the remarks (Block 12 or 13 depending on the rev date of the Form 1).

Details, written by lawyeers instead of mechanics, are on the FAA website with the bilateral agreements: http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/international/bilateral_agreements/...

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