Digital Tech Pubs from Viking Air and ATP

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Digital Tech Pubs from Viking Air and ATP

Viking Air Has Chosen ATP as Exclusive Outsource Partner for
Technical Publication Distribution.

Brisbane, Calif., June 22, 2011 – ATP announced today that Viking Air of Victoria, BC, Canada and ATP have expanded their long standing relationship for technical publication outsourcing using the NavigatorV™ desktop platform. Maintenance professionals wishing to purchase or renew digital airframe content for Viking aircraft should contact Viking Air directly at [email protected] or call George Gee at 250-656-7227. ATP will continue to sell and invoice Viking microfiche libraries and related digital engine, propeller, regulatory and Viking support libraries.
This announcement represents another example of ATP’s strong position as the preferred OEM outsourcing solution for technical publication distribution. By providing technical information through the NavigatorV™ next-generation technology, manufacturers, and other providers of information, such as the FAA or EASA, significantly improve productivity and safety for maintenance operations. Productivity tools in the NavigatorV™ desktop platform include the ability to search across multiple documents from multiple vendors, aircraft, and regulatory agencies at once, patented compliance tracking tools, sophisticated indexing, and advanced keyword searching.

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