Cover Maintenance Task Interruptions with Thorough Turnovers

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Cover Maintenance Task Interruptions with Thorough Turnovers

Task interruptions occur when changes in assignments, personnel or shifts prevent mechanics from completing maintenance tasks in
their entirety. When task interruptions occur, it is critical that we pass important information between shifts or team members. We do this with what we refer to as “turnovers.”

Turnovers play a very important role in ensuring the safety of our passengers by providing clear, accurate and timely accounts of work that has been started but not yet completed.
Required Inspection Items (RII) are any major maintenance procedures, repairs, or alterations that, if improperly performed or if performed with incorrect parts or materials, could result in a failure, malfunction or defect, which endangers the safe operation of the aircraft.

RIIs provide an independent second set of eyes for critical tasks that can affect the safety of flight. Failure to provide a proper turnover or to recognize RII items jeopardizes the safety of an aircraft.

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