Continental Motors’ Alternative Fuel Engine Receives FAA Certification

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Continental Motors’ Alternative Fuel Engine Receives FAA Certification

 Continental Motors Group has announced
that its six-cylinder engine that will run on alternative
fuels, the IO-360-AF (Alternative Fuel) engine, has
received type certification from the FAA.
The engine is certified for standard 100LL as well as for
91UL avgas now available in several countries.
Flight Design GmbH is expected to take delivery of the
first certified engine in the second quarter of this year
for use on its Flight Design C4 all-carbon composite light
The engine is the first in its class to be certified for
alternative fuels, which will benefit markets where 100LL
avgas is relatively expensive and where the availability of
91UL is expanding.
Outside the advantage of running on alternative fuels,
the IO-360 series has an excellent reputation for reliability,
long life and smooth operation, the company said. It
is the lightest of Continental’s six-cylinder aircraft power
plants, which makes it the right product for Flight Design’s
new four-seat aircraft, it said.
“Our engineering team has worked diligently to move
the IO-360-AF from opportunity to reality, and we are
very excited to have it certified, meeting the needs of
our customers,” Rhett Ross, vice president AVIC International
and director of Continental Motors Group, said in a
“The IO-360-AF is a nice addition to our fuels capabilities
and further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to
advancing technology.
The IO-360-AF engine family offers a maximum power
output of 195 horsepower at 2800 RPM, a 2,200 hour time
between overhaul and is backed by Continental’s warranty
and service support.
Flight Design will use the engine de-rated to 180 hp
required for the C4, producing power at a reduced 2,550
rpm, which will result in a quieter operation, the company

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