Cessna 172F Heated Pitot Tube Help Needed

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Cessna 172F Heated Pitot Tube Help Needed

I'm doing a first time (for me) Annual Inspection on a Cessna 172F, S/N 
172526XX. Quite awhile back, both wings were replaced. It now has a heated pitot tube installed, but I suspect it may have come from the factory with a non-heated unit, as there is no pitot heat switch nor provision for same on the panel. What are the legalities on this? Placard it?
Install wires, breaker, and switch to make it functional for heat?   Thanks,  

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I would check the maintenance records for the wing replacement paperwork to confirm a legal installation. As well as check the current Maintenance manual and parts catalog for pitot and wing info for the aircraft model and serial number.
Give your friendly Cessna tech a phone call as well.
Annual Inspections on very old aircraft can get complicated. I strongly suggest you asking an experienced IA for their assistance as well as the local FSDO Primary Maintenance Inspector. It takes a while to be comfortable inspecting aircraft during annuals. Remember also that once you complete the inspection and hand a list of un-airworthy items to the owner operator it is then their responsibility to correct those discrepancies.

All the best.

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A little known fact that most certified pitot tubes are held in with #6-40 screws and NOT 6-32 screws.

This answers nothing to your legality issues, it is just meant to keep you from experiencing an additional headache when you go to put it back on.

Best Wishes

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