Beech Bonanza G36 and AD2001-08-08

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Beech Bonanza G36 and AD2001-08-08

A customer reported that when performing an ATP AD search or compiling a profile and compliance report  for a Beech Bonanza G36, AD2001-08-08 does not appear. The AD does not  specifically apply to the G model, however the Tornado Alley STC is approved  for this model and  the AD does apply to the Tornado Alley STC.

It is true that we do not list this AD as effective against the G36. The G36 is not listed on the AD or on the STC as issued when the AD was created. The STC has been revised since the AD was issued and the STC now includes the G36 model. We have been told by the FAA on many occasions that a third party can not modify an AD so the revision of the STC is outside of the scope of the AD. The same is true with revised Service Bulletins.

Drea, our onsite IA, took this to the next step and contacted the FAA. She contacted Peter Hakala of the Fort Worth Texas FAA office.  His response – Certainly the owners of the G36 should be aware of this issue, and although we have had no reports of a problem with this clamp in several years, the AD, as currently written, does not apply to the G36.  We anticipate a revision of the AD to include the G36 in the effectivity, but it’s a long ways down our “to-do” list, and it will probably be some years before we get to it.

This seems to align with the "no third party revisions" to ADs but as the STC is not "incorporated by reference" in this AD including a revision or effective date for the STC it leaves room for interpretation and should be reviewed for applicability by your IA..

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