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Basic Engine Information



I have a concern regarding reciprocating engines, Lycoming and Continental aircraft under 12500Lbs.


1. - Where I can find information regarding accessories or components considered "Engine Basic Components"?.

2. - Are the same that appear in the engine type certificate, or those mentioned in Chapter 6 of the plane?.

3. - FAA there any regulation about it?


Are there any regulations that establish basic components or accessories called basic engine.


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Victor, The TCDS for the engine identifies the approved accessories for the given engine model. Beyond that, you may find vendor service bulletins that provide approval for newer models. You will also find there are STCs to allow different accessories. While not an FAA approved source, you can also look up the info in the engine Parts Catalog.

I have also seen where the airframe TCDS requires a certain part number accessory on the engine. Maule does this for the carburetor on the 235.

Hope this helps.

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