Avoid Premature Igniter Plug Replacements

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Avoid Premature Igniter Plug Replacements

Operators should refer to Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) SIL No. PW500-013 before replacing igniter plugs due to erosion of the outer shell. P&WC explains that it is normal for the erosion rate of an outer shell on a new igniter to occur quicker at first. As the outer shell erodes, the rate of erosion reduces significantly due to the outer inner diameter increasing.

P&WC recommends replacing igniter plugs when the erosion limit is reached or the igniter ceases to fire, whichever occurs first. Some operators are replacing igniter plugs during phase inspections based upon the assumption that the erosion of the outer shell might exceed limitations before the next phase inspection. This action is not recommended and will lead to an increase in direct operating cost.

Questions, please contact:

P&WC Customer First Centre
(USA & Canada) 1-800-268-8000
(International Access Code) + 8000-268-8000
(Globally) 1-450-647-2888
[email protected]

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