Aviation Job

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Aviation Job

Guy who works for TWA at JFK is getting married. He operates Lav service trucks there. His fiancee, assumes he is a mechanic. He comes home smelling ripe every day. Finally, prior to the wedding, she insists he see the doctor.

The doc sends him out for blood testing and sees him in a week. All is normal. His doc asks what he does for a living. He says, I work at TWA. Doc asks what he does at TWA. He says, I work on the ramp. After several iterations of questions, the truth comes out the he operates the lav service truck.

The doctor asks him to describe in detail how the job works. After a lengthy explanation, he asks if the stuff ever spills on to his uniform, and he answers yes.

The doctor says, well there\s the solution. If you want to quit smelling like crap, you have to quit your job.

The TWA guy exclaims as a question, AND GET OUT OF AVIATION?

Thanks to Terry Higdon for this one

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