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I am always looking for news articles that show a turn around for the aviation industry - particularly news that affects aviation maintenance professionals. As we all know, the more planes sold and flying, the more maintenance needed - good news for AMTs. And this week the news indicates that there are more planes sold and flying. Here are some more "Good News" articles we have found in the last week.

Business Jet Imports on the Rise in Canada
According to Dennis Rousseau of AircraftPost.com, …in Canada, whose economy added 93,200 jobs in June and GDP rose to 6.1%, business jet imports are on the rise.
In the medium and long-range category (mid 90’s production and up), imports for all of 2009 totaled 17, compared to 19 aircraft in the first 6-months of 2010.
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The Chicago Tribune Reports:
Sighs of relief almost drown out engine roars at Farnborough Airshow
New plane orders of almost $29 billion suggest the skies ahead are clearing after a deep two-year downturn, although the defense sector is still scarred by savage government budget cuts.
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The L.A. Times Reports:
Aircraft industry is pulling out of tailspin
After one of the worst years for plane makers, airlines and jetliner-leasing firms go on a spending spree at an air show in England. Boeing, Airbus and smaller firms get orders worth about $30 billion.
Business aviation gets a lift from improving economy
According to an article written by Robert Francis, business Aviation is seeing positive signs.
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Study: Wichita No. 1 in nation in export growth
In an article written by Molly McMillin of the Wichita Eagle; Wichita — with its cluster of aviation manufacturers — ranked first in a list of cities with the fastest export growth, a new study shows.
"This growth is attributable to (Wichita's) impressive aircraft industry cluster," the study said.
The following comes from an article on AINOnline.com by Chad Trautvetter
Gulfstream, Jet Aviation Set for Growth, GD Says
“We’re seeing a gradual improvement in the business jet market,” Jay Johnson, the chairman and CEO of Gulfstream and Jet Aviation parent General Dynamics, noted yesterday during the company’s second-quarter financial conference. “Gulfstream flying activity is up and we’re seeing a 16-percent increase in aircraft service sales…The industry has turned the corner.



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