alternator drive belt

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alternator drive belt

I am working on a Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 engine.  The engine has an overhauled alternator (P/N ALU8521RS-R-E), a new alternator bracket (P/N 77756), and a new alternator belt (P/N S1597-1-37.5) installed.  The hardware is all good (no slop).

When these parts were installed, it was noted that to get the belt to the right tension, all of the adjustment slot in the bracket was used (the belt can not be any tighter).  Now, after less than 100 hours, the belt is loose.  Since there is no more adjustment available, the belt cannot be tightened.

Is there a smaller diameter belt available or...?

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Your belt is too long. The correct part number for the belt is 37A19773-367

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