8130-3 for removed parts?

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8130-3 for removed parts?

Hello, I'm an A&P and the owner of two Eclipse EA500 aircrafts asks me to remove some parts from one EA500 to the other one. I'd like to know if I can do it as A&P and if I have to fill a form (8130-3?). Thanks!

EDIt: I saw this topic but I didn't get my answer so far:


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If you read Order 8130.21, it says that only repair stations, DARs, and manufacturers can issue the 8130-3 form. That said, the 8130-3 fits the bill for an 43.9 maintenance record entry for an item that doesn't have any other record. FAA Orders are not regulatory, so if you want to use an 8130-3 to identify a part have at it. Just be careful what you have written on it as it relates to condition.

Now to your original question, if you remove a part from one aircraft and install it on another, it is the installer that determins the airworthiness of the installed part. All it takes is a log book entry (43.9) in the alog for the aircraft you install it on. Technically since the doner aircraft isn't being returned to service, there is no requirement for a record entry. To keep things streight, I would do one so if someone else puts it back together they will have a record of what was taken apart.

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N14ky is correct about FAA Order 8130.21F what I would add is an FAA inspector can also sign off a 8130-3, but as an A&P per the order you are not allowed to fill out the form and sign it. So just make a part 43.9 record entry as the condition of the part as be serviceable indicating it was removed from N-number aircraft as a serviceable part then installed and tested on N-number aircraft per maintenance manual procedures and inspected per part 43.13. Block 12 on the 8130-3 indicates what you did and block 20 signature for return to service must be completed by a person or company as indicated in order 8130.21. Below is some excerpts from the order to back up what I said.

1-8. Authorization to Issue Form 8130-3. FAA aviation safety inspectors (ASI) and persons with the appropriate function codes in accordance with FAA Order 8100.8, Designee Management Handbook (Order 8100.8), or FAA Order 8100.15, Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Procedures (Order 8100.15), when authorized by their Certificate of Authority (COA), may issue Form 8130-3 in accordance with the appropriate chapter of this order.

3-2. Approval for Return To Service After Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration — Products and Parts.
a. Only those persons authorized as stated in paragraph 3-1a and b, when authorized by § 43.7(c), (d), and (e), may issue a Form 8130-3 for approval for return to service of products and parts that have undergone maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration, provided the applicable recordkeeping requirements of § 43.9, § 91.417, § 91.421, § 121.380(c), § 135.439(c), or § 145.219 are met. The use of Form 8130-3 for this purpose is optional but the FAA recommends its use. This will help aviation authorities and the industry to ensure complete traceability and ease the movement of products and parts through the aviation system.

3-4. Issuance of Form 8130-3 for Used Products and Parts Removed from a U.S.-Certificated Aircraft for Installation on Another U.S.-Certificated Aircraft.
a. Form 8130-3 may be issued for approval for return to service of those products and parts removed from a U.S.-certificated aircraft (under an operating certificate in accordance with part 121 or part 135) for use on another aircraft operated under the same air carrier certificate. The products and parts removal and installation must be accomplished in accordance with the air carrier’s approved maintenance program or other acceptable methods, techniques, and practices or FAA-approved/ acceptable data that is acceptable to the air carrier’s approved maintenance program. The use of Form 8130-3 for this purpose is optional.

If you are not authorized to sign an 8130-3 and do so it could create a lot of problems for yourself. Once again as an A&P you can remove the part inspect per part 43.13 install and return to service per part 43.9 record entry.

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