2010-09-04 Honeywell AD Does Not Affect Sovereigns 680

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2010-09-04 Honeywell AD Does Not Affect Sovereigns 680

Team Sovereign advises operators that Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2010-09-04 regarding Honeywell Primus EPIC and Primus APEX Flight Management Systems does not affect the Sovereign fleet. The AD, which goes into effect May 14, 2010, covers systems installed on Embraer and Pilatus aircraft but not limited to those models.

The issue identified by the AD was introduced in the NZ 7.1 release of the FMS software. Sovereign aircraft with EPIC 4.2 or earlier have NZ 7.01 software, which was released prior to the introduction of the issue. Although Phase 5 will have NZ 7.1 FMS software, Honeywell discovered the anomaly while Phase 5 was still in development for the Model 680 and made corrections. Therefore, the AD does not apply to Sovereigns in any configuration. The FAA issued the AD because it discovered Honeywell software in certain situations could cause the FMS to generate misleading guidance to the pilot and autopilot system. The concern is the software glitch could potentially cause an airplane to depart from its scheduled flight path.

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