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Pratt Manual Updates

I'm a fairly new ATP user. I just checked the revision status for a Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 Maintenance Manual and found ATP about a month late on a revision.  Per the Pratt web site.

My question is, how much time does it normally take to see those updates in ATP?

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Thanks for the question. Revision distribution is a very important issue and it is important to know how it works.
Let me address the issue in general before talking about your specific example.
There are three main areas that effect the time needed before you receive revisions.
1) The time it takes the OEM to distribute the revision
2) The time it takes ATP to process the revision and/or incorporate the changes into the manual.
3) The time it takes ATP to distribute the revision.
We are always working to reduce the time taken by all three steps. We just finished a huge upgrade to navigator that allows us to increase the frequency of updates (item #3). In the past updates were mailed and posted on EZ Update monthly. Starting last month we are now uploading changes to EZ Update weekly. This brings #3 to 1 week or less for distribution.
We are also working on item #2. In the past it could take over 30 days to process a revision. With the new weekly distribution we are making changes so our internal processing of revisions can be accomplished in 7 days.
This will reduce the total turn time from receipt to distribution to (worse case) of 2 weeks (1 to process and 1 week till the next revision)
This brings us to area #1, OEM distribution time. For many manufacturers the "Revision Date" is the date the revision was produced and is not the date the revision was distributed. Some OEMs post both dates on their website, others just the revision date.
The Pratt & Whitney Canada website currently lists the revision date and not the distribution date but they include a message that says: "The Revision Date reflects the technical cut-off date for information incorporated into that specific revision. The Revision Date does not reflect when the publication was distributed to the field. Typically, distribution takes approximately 4-6 weeks depending on your location." (see )
Now to your specific question - as of today (9/11/08) we have not received Revision No. 38. I asked our acquisition group to call Pratt & Whitney for the status of this revision and P&WC said we should receive this revision by 9/17.

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