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Life Limited propeller

Hi I’m new to this site.

I work at an Aircraft Industry in Indonesia as one of Supply Chain Management officer.

Currently we have an issue of Life Limited Part/Item. In the contract with the custumer,  one clausal says: Life Limited Item shall have remaining life at least 80% on the date of delivery. This aircraft was undergo the certification process to ammend the TC. Now it’s ready to deliver. The propeller was new, 99 flight hours and about 2 years, and it has TBO of 6 years or 5000 flight hours. 

The Customer request a new propellers since the Life is less than 80%. 

In this case what can we do, replace with new propellers?


Thank you.



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You could get it overhauled, that will reset the calendar TBO and will be cheaper than a prop.

The other thing you might possibly be able to do is contact your regulatory authority and ask if they would okay an extension based on the aircrafts low usage and due to being on maintenance.

Thanks, we will consider this approach

Thanks, so it is ok to overhaul (in this case calender tbo), before it is due?

I cannot see any reason why not, ask your prop shop, they will be the ones to talk to and about prices, after all, if you had prop damaged, you would send it for repair and in some cases (as it would be stripped down), it would make sense to get it overhauled at the same time as a cheaper option than to repeat it all again in say a years time when it becomes due on calendar TBO..


Just make sure the customers contract allows that.

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