A&P Applicant Questions

Over the past several months, I have received many questions from A&P applicants about taking the Oral and Practical (O&P) tests and other questions concerning mechanic certification. I have made it a point to answer questions from applicants regardless if they use me as their Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) or not.

Most of all the questions I have been asked are found in two FAA Orders 8900.1 Volume 5, Chapter 5, Section 2 and Order 8900.2A Designee Handbook Chapter 6.

Many applicants will know me as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) maintenance inspector, however I am retired from the FAA and can no longer endorse the FAA Form 8610-2.

To become an aircraft mechanic, you must take oral and practical tests as well as written tests. There is a fee for the tests. A Designated Mechanic Examiner gives you the oral and practical test. You can get a list of these examiners at the local FAA office. The oral and practical tests cover 43 technical subjects. Typically tests for one certificate-airframe or power plant takes about 8 hours and for both ratings it is taking 9.5 to 15-hours to complete in most cases. How long it takes depends on the applicant being prepared the Oral and Practical can last up to four days only.

If you fail part of a test, you have to wait 30 days before you can take it again, unless you give a letter to the Examiner (DME) showing you've gotten additional training in the areas you failed. I provide all my applicants with a sample letter if they fail.

You must pass all the tests within a 24-month period and the clock starts when an applicant takes the first written test. If an applicant times out during an oral and practical they will have to retake the written test over before the DME can proceed with the oral and practical for that rating. This is why it is important for applicants to check the dates on their written tests and not wait until the last day to take an oral and practical test.

Below are several of the common questions I have been asked recently.

Question: As a DME can I perform Oral and Practical test in Japan where I live?
Answer: No, I can only perform Oral and Practical tests at the two facilities listed on my Certificate of Authorization in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each DME will be issued a Certificate of Authorization showing the place they can test. Ask your DME to see their Certificate of Authorization.

Question: My FAA Form 8610-2 was signed off over ten years ago is it still good to use for testing?
Answer: Yes, the FAA Form 8610-2 is still okay to use regardless how old it is.

Question: I was in the military and specialized in avionics can I only be tested in the avionics area?
Answer: No, and as of April 1, 2015 the FAA has a new planning sheet the DME will download with all the oral test questions preselected as well as the 20 practical projects the applicant must pass. The new Practical Test Standard (PTS) 26A, 27A, and 28A is available on the FAA web site that cover all of the practical subjects that are on the test. All DMEs must use the new planning sheet starting in September 2015 unless they have be converted like I have.

Question: Can I use any DME I want or do I have to go to one in the district I was signed off.
Answer: The applicant can use any DME they want, the DME will contact the FSDO or IFO the applicant was signed off and request authorization to test the applicant out of district. This is not an issue, but the DME must follow the required procedures in FAA Order 8900.2A for this.

Question: After the DME downloads the FAA planning sheet for the applicant can they provide a copy to the applicant?
Answer: NO, the NEW FAA planning sheet with all the oral test questions and projects is sent in with the applicant’s certification package to the managing office. NO copies can be made, so please do not ask for a copy from your DME.

Question: DME Fees- do all DMEs charge the same fee for testing?
Answer: No, each DME sets their own fee, so have a clear understanding with your DME about the fee before you take any test.

Question: Will the DME take a credit card or check to pay the testing fee?
Answer: Maybe, this will all depend on the DME. Some DMEs will take a credit card or personal check, and others only want cash for the testing service they provide. Discuss this with your DME before you test and have a clear understanding on how fees are collected and paid.

Question: If an applicant fails an oral section or practical project can they only retest in that section only?
Answer: With the NEW FAA planning sheet if you fail an element in any section you fail the entire section and must retest the whole section over. The DME will download a new planning sheet only for the section failed as well as the practical project/projects that may have been failed. This is a change from the old way of testing where you only retested the element you failed now the entire section must be retested.

It is incumbent on any applicant to have a clear understanding with the DME they use for their Oral and Practical test. I provide my applicants with an Overview Handout I wrote and send it to them by email in a PDF format. My overview explains what the FAA expects of me as a DME and what is expected of the applicants I test. There is no GRAY area with oral and practical testing I want my applicants to be informed of the procedures and expectations. I have found the more knowledge an applicant has the less stressful their oral and practical tests will be.

As an applicant sit down with your DME and have them explain their testing procedures to you. This is your test and your career don’t leave it to chance.

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Hello, I am Brazilian and I wonder if it is possible to acquire the license A & P without the need to go to the United States for tests and interviews. Here we do not have many information on how to proceed. We are in 4 mechanics very interested in acquiring the LICENSE.

Thank you,

Marcelo Gasques
[email protected]

To answer your question you should check with the International Field Office (IFO) that covers your country. I believe it is in Florida and they will have a list of DMEs that test in your area if any. The FAA provides a list of all DMEs world wide. This is a link to the IFO http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/ifo/miami_ifo/

You can search for DMEs form the following FAA web site:

I checked and did not see any DMEs in your area so you may have to travel to the U.S. main land to test. I test a lot of foreign applicants and we set up appointments several months in advance so I can get the proper FAA approval and it gives me time to review the applicants written test scores and prepare their oral and practical test. You can test with any DME this is your decision.

Keep in mind start Oct. 1st all mechanic tests will be under the new Practical Test Standard (PTS) you can download a copy from the FAA web site. All DME will be required to use the new FAA downloader system where the FAA will pick your oral test questions and practical projects. So be advised to download and read the new PTS as you could be tested on any of the projects. But the new practical test is about 23 total projects unlike the old practical test.

I graduated from national aviation academy in 2010 I completed my technical course, my question is after all this 5 years can I take my written exam for the faa to become and A&P or do I have to take the crash course in order to get my FAA written

To answer your question since you graduated from a part 147 school the school should have issued you a graduation certificate indicating the school name and the program you completed. You can take this certificate to your local Flight Standard District Office (FSDO) along with two FAA Forms 8610-2 filled out and the FAA inspection should endorse it at the bottom to allow you to take the written tests. There is not time limits to test only after you take the written tests the clocks starts 24-months.

You DO NOT have to take a crash course, however I would highly recommend you purchase a sent of questions and answers for the written tests to study as the written now have human factor questions you may not of been taught. You can self study at home and prepare for the written and oral, but I would suggest you download the new Practical Test Standard from the FAA Web to know what practical projects you will have to know and perform.

I have already passed the written tests and have taken the oral & practical but failed the oral part of the exam. I have contacted another DME to take it all again. However he said he is not interested and then hung up on me. Can DMEs do that? It seems unfair that he did not even get my details and just outright rejected me. Can I file a complaint for that or is it normal for DMEs? Thanks.