Operations Manual for the O-360-J2A engine is 60297-12

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Operations Manual for the O-360-J2A engine is 60297-12

 We recieved the following question:

I currently have an IAA inspector who believes that the latest operations manual for the O-360-J2A engine is 60297-12-6 and was revised in February 2014. I was under the impression that SL114AW is still in force and the latest revision of the operator's manual is 60297-12-5 last revised in 2009. Can you please let me know what the situation is?


We contacted the OEM and they reported:

You are correct about the last revision of the Operator’s Manual is  60297-12-5, revision December, 2009 per SL-114AW

Although, we have located draft pages for the 60297-12-6 February, 2014 revision that pertain to the magneto timing, we have no record of the draft going forward to the FAA for approval which means that the 60297-12-6 revision technically is not approved for release. We are putting the Magneto-to-engine timing procedure in a new Service Instruction SI-1564

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The "current" manuals for an aircraft are based on the date of Registration, not what is the latest published. See FAA Memo dated Dec 5 2008 on the Legal Interpretation of "Current" as it relates to Maintenance publications and Flight Manuals.

The Operators Manual in question is not a legal requirement for either maintenance or flight, so in the FAA world, it doesn't really mater if you have the most recent version or not.

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Good point, the definition of current is now relative to the equipment. We contacted the OEM to determine the current revision that was published as there was some confusion on what was the latest published version. As you point out the current version for the aircraft is based on certification date based on the legal ruling you mention, not necessarily the latest published version

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