King Air B200 MM 101-590010-19 Chap. 5-20-05

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King Air B200 MM 101-590010-19 Chap. 5-20-05

There appears to be 2 pages missing from the King Air B200 AMM 101-590010-19 Rev C13 dated May 1/13. Chapter 5-20-05 LOEP shows pages 201 to 213, but when viewed it is onlt possible to see up to page 211. Is anyone else having this problem ? ColinA

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I checked the version we have hear at ATP and can get to page 213 with the next page starting section 05-21-00. You do not mention the type of viewer. If it is a online system most sytems display the content is chuncks to avoid downloading the thousands of pages of the full manual. Check to see if there is a More, Continue, Next Section etc button or command to tell the viewer to get more pages.

colin a (not verified)
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Thanks for your swift response, you are correct, if I go into 5-21-00 I can see the last 2 pages of 5-20-05.
Many thanks.

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