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What a PITA!

Hey Bob, this is a very sharp operation you run here. I'm truly impressed but I have some minor issues I'd like to air. Can you tell me why 1) EVERY time I open an new article, post, response or announcement I'm logged on as a guest? Which would be O.K. if 2) the log in process didn't drop me on a page that sez "The page you're looking for cannot be found" once I'm signed in. So now I have to go to the Home page and find the story I had linked to in my email. Which is, again, O.K. if it's a recent article. Responses to older posts take longer to trackdown to respond.

Technology is a wonderful thing! I know it exists to rectify this. It's more of a nuisance thing but can it get fixed? Thanks, Bob

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Thanks for the feedback. The site runs on a automated system to keep it manageable (vs coding every page). But I agree it has a few issues. You should not need to log in more than once a week. There is a Keep me Logged In check box that writes a cookie to keep you logged in for a week. For the dead end after logging in I will talk with the programmer as I agree it is a PITA.
I appreciate the feedback and your postings.

Bob Jones

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I'll settle for logged in for a week but the only box I see is the Remember Me, that's for signing in and I already use that. Thanks for checking...

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