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Your Certificate May Be On the Line for What You Don’t Record by John Goglia

Listen up, my fellow mechanics. How

you record maintenance work just got a

new focus, thanks to a

recent NTSB decision that presents a

potential new enforcement danger to

your certificate.

A May 11, 2018 decision by

the NTSB reinstating the FAA’s

emergency revocation of a Part 145

repair station puts a new emphasis on

maintenance record entries; specifically,

what maintenance personnel choose

to leave out of their descriptions of work

performed could land them in very hot

Two Things

Hello All,

Two Things

I was speaking with a friend the other day about the things that define us. He pointed out two things that have daily impact on our lives.

Is Enough Really Enough?

Hello All,

Is Enough Really Enough?

Occasionally when we think we’ve preformed a task exceptionally well we tend to gloat and pat ourselves on the back. We get content with our accomplishment and deserving of outside recognition. But could we have contributed more?

Other times, we skimp on our obligation. We get sloppy and figure that whatever we’ve done is good enough. In response to both of these instances, however, the message is clear: when you think you’ve done enough, could we do more?