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Upcoming January 2020 HF Train-The-Trainer courses at The Aviation Consulting Group (TACG)

TACG is a respected global leader in aviation safety training and consulting with offices in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. TACG works with domestic and international airlines, business and corporate aviation operators, Part 135 charter operators, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, flight schools, airports, manufacturers, and more. Dr. Robert Baron, Ph.D President/Chief Consultant has my endorsement as I’ve been a student in many of his classes.

Human Factors Courses

Failing Forward

The only thing that Harland had ever succeeded at was failure. At age fourteen, he dropped out of school and hit the road. He worked as a farmhand but soon quit. He became a streetcar conductor but was fired. At age sixteen he lied about his age and joined the army. It wasn’t long before he was drummed out of the service. Then he tried his hand as a blacksmith. He failed at that.

Knocking Down Pins

Hello All,

The bowling ally at the airbase where I served in the US Navy was and excellent divergent from the long hours of maintaining our squadrons aircraft and performing daily watches. It was an old facility without an automatic pin reset system. An individual was behind the scene repetitively setting up the next course of bowling pins.

Through All Generations

After my Mother’s recent death, I inherited her father’s pocket watch. That would be my Grandfather and I have vague childhood memories of seeing him taking it from his vest pocket and using it. No one knows how long it has been in the family, but I speculate it is old enough to have been used by my great-grandfather. The watch has become a part of my life. I wind it each morning as I start my day. Yet it does more than track hours and minutes. It provides a sense of continuity and comfort for having kept time through the generations.

The Weight of a Decision

Hello All,

The Weight of a Decision

In the book The Twenty Four Hours Society by Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D., Moore-Ede writes about the enormous power some corporate employees have in the decision making process in the execution of their job. With more power comes more risk. Some decisions can produce tragic outcomes as we witnessed in the nuclear, chemical, space/aviation, and oil industries of past events.