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I am working on a posting a demo on "How to Succesfully Flare Stainless Steel Tubing"


I am working on a posting a demo on...

"How to Succesfully Flare Stainless Steel Tubing"

Please respond if that, or other demo's of that type would be of interest to you, and why.

Please post a reply of what you think and, what other demo's you would like to see on this site.

What question do I get asked the most often?

Recently someone asked me “What question do you get asked most often?”
I have been dubbed my many a customer as “The Hardware Guru”,
“The Fastener Man with the Answers, Etc, etc.”

I thought for a good long time and came to the conclusion that because I receive such a vast variety of questions regarding aircraft hardware and our business, it is difficult to recall what I get asked most often and each season it changes a bit.

Hardware / Fasteners and related issues

Hello, my name is Tom Brink, I am the founder and president of Genuine Aircraft Hardware.

I am also an A&P and used to be an IA. I was tired of having to look so hard for Hardware, so started this business in 1984, it has grown ever since.

I will be available to help with Hardware and Fastener related issues on "Ask Bob".