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Seven Steps to introduce a Aircraft Water Safety Plan (WSP)

The WHO recommends to install a water safety plan for aircraft drinking water to be safe. A Guide to the Seven Steps to introduce a
Aircraft Water Safety Plan (WSP) is attached to this blog as a PDF titled:  How to set-up a water safety plan for aircrafts driking water

General aviation affected by federal government shutdown

Numerous Federal Aviation Administration functions will not be available during the federal government shutdown, including the issuance of airmen certificates, aviation rulemaking, drone operations exemptions and the development, testing and evaluation of NextGen technologies. Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration will continue to work normal business hours.

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One Turn of the Wrench Exposes SMS Flaws

While safety management systems (SMS) are powerful tools that are now seeing widespread adoption throughout the aviation industry, if not fully utilized and embraced from the top to bottom of an organization, and without proper reporting, any “near-misses” can go unchecked until disaster strikes. A U.S. Navy aircraft mechanic, who was seriously injured in a maintenance accident, went on a crusade to find out how the root-cause of such a situation, which previously harmed four others, had slipped through the cracks in the Navy's SMS.

Topics the episode will cover: