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AEA, Contrary to Industry Chatter, These are Certified Systems!

AEA President Paula Derks set the record straight regarding the recent introduction of lower-cost certified equipment using a streamlined method of compliance to bring them to market. Derks noted in this month's Point of Communication column published in Avionics News: "At the end of the day, manufacturers are using a method for certifying products with regulations that have been written for years. THEY ARE ALL STILL CERTIFIED ... but the pathway to certification is through PMA and not TSO.

FAA Acts to Preserve your Repair Station's Rights!

Many repair stations have experienced some issues with the Maintenance Annex Guidance between the United States and the European Union. One significant factor feeding this issue is the repair station's power to inspect a part (within their ratings) and find that it is acceptable for installation. That power has been formally curtailed for U.S.