One Turn of the Wrench Exposes SMS Flaws

AskBob News - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:08

While safety management systems (SMS) are powerful tools that are now seeing widespread adoption throughout the aviation industry, if not fully utilized and embraced from the top to bottom of an organization, and without proper reporting, any “near-misses” can go unchecked until disaster strikes. A U.S. Navy aircraft mechanic, who was seriously injured in a maintenance accident, went on a crusade to find out how the root-cause of such a situation, which previously harmed four others, had slipped through the cracks in the Navy's SMS.

Topics the episode will cover:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Blameless culture
  • The value of incident reporting

Go to the AIN Podcast


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Yodice Associates Offers Legal Services Plan To PAMA Members

AskBob News - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 12:37

Jenks, OK (Nov. 13, 2018) — The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) and the Law Offices of Yodice Associates are pleased to announce a renewed partnership that will provide affordable legal services to aviation maintenance professionals.
The MxPro Legal Services Plan provides consultation and representation to mechanics and repairmen facing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement action. PAMA members can take advantage of legal services provided under the program at the discounted annual rate of $125. Participants are encouraged to sign up by Jan. 1 to receive plan benefits for the coming year.
With more than 30 years’ experience representing airman in FAA enforcement actions, regulatory compliance matters, accident investigations, and aviation-related business issues, Yodice Associates Managing Partner Kathy Yodice is considered an expert in the field. As part of the partnership, Ms. Yodice will also provide informational articles and insights on aviation-related legal matters on the AMT Lawyer blog, available at
More information on the program is available at To join PAMA, visit

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Your ADS-B Questions Answered

FAA & FAASTeam News - Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:24

FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

Your ADS-B Questions Answered: Get the Facts Here
Notice Number: NOTC8188

I’ve heard there is a new ADS-B Out rebate for general aviation operators and I have some questions.

Question: Who is eligible?

Answer: U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft first registered before January 1, 2016.  ADS-B equipment installations completed before the October 12th rebate re-launch will not qualify for the program. The rebate is limited to one per owner/entity and only FAA certified ADS-B equipment will qualify for the rebate. Please visit our website for the full rebate eligibility requirements.  (

Question: How do I get a rebate?

Answer: There are five steps aircraft owners should follow to meet the mandate and receive the $500 rebate:

  1. Purchase the equipment and schedule installation.
  2. Obtain a Rebate Reservation Code by reserving a position online.
  3. Install the equipment.
  4. Conduct the required equipment performance validation and get an Incentive Code.
  5. Claim the $500 rebate online using the Rebate Reservation Code and Incentive Code.


As with the earlier rebate program, the rebate program is available only to those who have not yet equipped their aircraft and previously have not received a rebate. Please refer to the ADS-B Rebate Program web page for all the rules (


Question: How do I know what equipment to install?

Answer: There are two great resources to figure out what equipment you need:


Question: What if my aircraft is located a long distance from ADS-B rule airspace?

Answer: If you are located too far from “rule” airspace, your next option is to climb above 10,000 feet MSL to conduct your validation flight, if your aircraft performance permits.

Question: Can the controller provide me the information I need to validate my flight?

Answer: No. The controller station does not provide the detailed information needed. You can only validate your system’s performance by requesting a Public ADS-B Performance Report ( as described on the FAA website. Additionally, we do not want to encourage unnecessary radio communication. Unless the controller asks, there is no need to explain that you are conducting a validation flight. Please note that you do not have to make special flights for the rebate. You can request flight validation after your next routine flight.

Question: I have heard from the previous rebate that pilots had been denied the rebate even though they had flown for more than the required 30 minutes. Why is that?

Answer: The minimum requirement includes a flight in ADS-B rule airspace for at least 30 minutes. In the past we have found that pilots did not completely understand when they were in rule airspace. In other instances, pilots flew near the limits of rule airspace and were not detected as being in rule airspace for the entire 30 minutes. Be sure to determine where “rule” airspace is before your validation flight. You can download a Google Maps plug-in to help you visualize this here:


Don’t Get Left in the Hangar. Equip Now!


There are only 14 months remaining before the January 1, 2020 ADS-B Out equipage deadline.


For more information about the ADS-B Out rule, equipment and airspace requirements, and the rebate, please visit:


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November/December 2018 Issue of FAA Safety Briefing

FAA & FAASTeam News - Fri, 11/02/2018 - 09:40

Birds of a Different Feather

The November/December 2018 “Birds of a Different Feather” issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the tremendous diversity of general aviation and encourages you to expand your aviation horizons and appreciate the many ways in which you can “enjoy the ride.” The issue also focuses on the new perspectives and the new skills you’ll need to consider when moving on to a different type of flying.


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FAA Relaunches ADS-B Out Rebate

FAA & FAASTeam News - Fri, 10/12/2018 - 10:39

The FAA today announced it is relaunching its $500 ADS-B rebate program effective immediately and through Oct. 11, 2019. The Agency is making $4,900,000 available under the rebate program, which will fund 9,792 ADS-B Out installations.

As of Jan. 1, 2020, aircraft flying in airspace where a transponder is necessary today will be required to be equipped with compliant ADS-B Out technology.

“The ADS-B mandate is not going away. We are about 15 months from the Jan. 1, 2020 deadline and now is the time for aircraft owners to equip,” said FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) welcomed the rebate’s return.

“Pilots across America thank Acting Administrator Elwell for reopening the ADS-B out rebate that will make our skies safer and more efficient by incentivizing even more pilots to adopt the cutting-edge technology. This is the last opportunity for GA aircraft owners to take advantage of the FAA rebate in meeting the 2020 deadline,” said AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker.

The previous rebate program, which ran from Sept. 19, 2016 to Sept. 18, 2017, issued more than 10,000 rebate payments.

As before, there are five steps aircraft owners should follow to meet the mandate and receive the $500 rebate:

  • Purchase the equipment and schedule installation.
  • Obtain a Rebate Reservation Code by reserving a position online.
  • Install the equipment.
  • Conduct the required equipment performance validation and get an Incentive Code.
  • Claim the $500 rebate online using the Rebate Reservation Code and Incentive Code.

As with the earlier rebate program, the rebate program is available only to those who have not yet equipped their aircraft. 

To help determine which ADS-B products might be best for your aircraft, see the AOPA ADS-B Selection Tool online.

In addition to the ADS-B Rebate reservation portal, the FAA’s Equip ADS-B website lists FAA-certified ADS-B equipment and features an equipage database searchable by aircraft type and model.

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FAAST Blast — Week of Sep 03, 2018

FAA & FAASTeam News - Mon, 09/10/2018 - 09:21

FAAST Blast — SAIB for Dye Penetrant Testing, Workforce Symposium, ADS-B Out Deadline, A Kaleidoscope Community
Notice Number: NOTC8021

FAAST Blast — Week of Sep 03, 2018 – Sep 09, 2018
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

New SAIB Highlights Proper Use of Liquid Penetrant Inspection

In light of a recent accident involving an inflight propeller failure and separation, the FAA issued a new Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) that stresses the need for continued diligence in the use of liquid penetrant inspection methods involving fluorescent dye (Type I) and visible dye (Type II) penetrants. During the examination of the failed propeller, there were remnants of visible dye penetrant (red dye) material found in the bolt holes indicating an inadequate cleaning after a previous inspection. According to the SAIB, residual red dye can affect the quality of future inspections and can fill voids, flaws, and cracks making it extremely difficult to remove. Visible dye residue contamination of fluorescent penetrant fluid is also known to significantly reduce the brightness of fluorescent indication and can mask the fluorescent agent, causing flaws in the part to be minimized or missed at the next inspection.

To prevent this, the FAA recommends adhering to proper pre- and post-inspection cleaning methods and materials to ensure any residual developer, penetrant, and/or visible dye residues are removed which could affect subsequent inspections. For more details, see SAIB CE-18-26 here:

FAA Aviation Workforce Symposium on Sep 13

Are you interested in how the United States will attract our future aviation workforce? Join the conversation and register now for the September 13, 2018 FAA Aviation Workforce Symposium at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Only 16 Months Until ADS-B Out Equipage Deadline

This is a friendly reminder that the ADS-B Out equipage deadline is quickly approaching. You have 16 months left to equip your aircraft. Don’t get left in the hangar! .

A Kaleidoscope Community

The September/October 2018 issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the important role of community in general aviation and acquaints you with a wide range of organizations that can be part of your aviation world now or at some point down the road. Like making patterns in a kaleidoscope, you can shape and continually re-shape your own unique aviation community in ways that support your evolving aviation experience and interests. Get more acquainted by reading the article “Our Kaleidoscope Community,” the lead feature in the September/October 2018 issue of FAA Safety Briefing here: You can read the entire issue at

Produced by the FAA Safety Briefing editors,
Address questions or comments to: [email protected].
Follow us on Twitter @FAASafetyBrief or

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FAAST Blast — Week of Aug 20, 2018

FAA & FAASTeam News - Tue, 08/28/2018 - 11:57

FAAST Blast — Rotorcraft Safety Conference, Runway Safety Summit, Managing Instructional Risk
Notice Number: NOTC7985

FAAST Blast — Week of Aug 20, 2018 – Aug 26, 2018
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

2018 Rotorcraft Safety Conference

The FAA will host the 2018 International Rotorcraft Safety Conference in an effort to reduce the national helicopter accident rate, particularly among small operators. The three-day, free event, featuring nearly 35 presentations and seminars, will offer Inspection Authorization and FAA AMT and WINGS credits. The conference will take place October 23-25, 2018, at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas, a Fort Worth suburb. The conference will be an excellent opportunity for pilots, mechanics, and other stakeholders to review, discuss, and consider new ways to help improve rotorcraft safety. For more details, including registration information, go to

FAA Safety Summit Addresses Wrong Surface Events

The FAA hosted a safety summit this week to address the issue of wrong surface events. From fiscal year 2016 to 2018, there were 596 actual or attempted wrong landing/approach events and 483 actual or attempted wrong surface departure events. GA operations accounted for 86 and 83-percent of these events respectively. The summit gathered top FAA officials and industry stakeholders to discuss wrong surface events as well as assess current and future solutions and mitigation strategies. “Reducing the risks of wrong surface events is one of the FAA’s leading safety priorities,” said FAA Air Traffic Organization COO Teri Bristol during opening remarks. Bristol also stated that the event will ensure the FAA and industry fully understand the factors that are contributing to this risk and will help promote a joint effort to eliminate wrong surface events.

Stay tuned for more on this initiative. You can also check out the article “Is That My Runway?” in the current issue of FAA Safety Briefing and watch a video on wrong surface events here:

Thinking for Two

Instructional flights are the second largest category of non-commercial fixed wing accidents. Since you, as the instructor, are the pilot in command, you have to do the thinking for both the trainee and yourself. Flight instruction inherently involves multitasking, so your attention is constantly shifting. If you are a flight instructor, then please read the article “Thinking for Two – Managing Instructional Risk” in the July/August 2018 issue here: You can read the entire issue at


Produced by the FAA Safety Briefing editors,
Address questions or comments to: [email protected].
Follow us on Twitter @FAASafetyBrief or

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AWAM Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

AskBob News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 10:35

The Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance is now accepting applications for 2019 awards and scholarships. Applications must be submitted online by Nov. 1.

Last year, AWAM awarded $140,000 in scholarships to 30 recipients.  With the assistance of corporate sponsors, this program continues to grow to support the industry and the needs of the future.

Scholarship opportunities are not only for initial students or women.  Many are for those already working in the field, transitioning from the military, and for men as well.

For more information and to apply, visit  


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Improper Overhaul and Repair of Aeronautical Anti-friction Bearings by Kornitzky Group LLC, doing business as AeroBearings LLC of Arlington, Texas

AskBob News - Wed, 08/08/2018 - 13:20

Purpose: This SAFO alerts aircraft owners, operators, air agencies, suppliers, distributors, and maintenance technicians of improper maintenance performed by AeroBearings LLC. This maintenance provider previously held Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Agency Certificate No. 8AZR921B for aeronautical anti-friction bearings used in turbine engines, auxiliary power units (APU), rotorcraft drive systems, and accessory applications.
Background: The FAA investigation revealed that AeroBearings LLC conducted work on aeronautical anti-friction bearings used in aircraft engines, APUs, rotorcraft drive systems, and accessory applications without possessing the necessary approved data. As a result, AeroBearings LCC could not determine whether the bearings met the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) design specifications. The work accomplished is not compliant with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 43. In March 2018, the FAA revoked AeroBearings LLC’s Air Agency Certificate No. 8AZR921B.
Recommended Action: See SAFO at

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Continental Motors Group starts construction of greenfield factory in Mobile, AL

AskBob News - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 15:20

Continental Motors Group Ltd. (CMG), an AVIC International Holding (HK) LTD company (HKEX: 232.HK), announced today that the foundation work for their new manufacturing facility has started.  The new facility will be nearly 275,000 square feet (25,000 m2) with the majority being dedicated to advanced engine and parts manufacturing for all Continental Motors Group product lines. It will be populated with brand new manufacturing equipment and include a special area designated for evaluation of new manufacturing techniques and processes, including additive manufacturing and automation. 

Building a new factory is only one part of the $75 million plan to profoundly transform Continental Motors and the way the company designs, manufactures, certifies, and support products. CMG is also building a new customer and technology development infrastructure that will allow its team members to better focus on building customer satisfaction and develop innovative new products. 

"Continental Motors® has been a big part of the local Mobile community for over 50 years and is pleased with the community support that allows us to renew our commitment to the region and our great team members for many years to come. The "greenfield" facility will modernize our manufacturing processes into a world class, high productivity, vertically integrated center of manufacturing excellence among the aviation cluster in Mobile, Alabama, USA," said Mr. Michael Skolnik, Executive Vice President Global Operations. 

Continental will hold a job fair on August 4, 2018, to meet its immediate recruitment needs and to better inform the public of the career opportunities offered by the aerospace industry. This is another demonstration of Continental Motors' involvement in the community around Mobile Bay and its commitment to participate in Mobile's economic development.  

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Michelin introduces MICHELIN PILOT, The high-performance tire for piston and turboprop aircraft

AskBob News - Thu, 08/02/2018 - 10:10

Michelin is launching a high-performance bias tire, the MICHELIN PILOT, a tire designed for propeller-driven aircraft to provide extra-long tire life, exceptional tread life and all-weather protection.
Commenting on the launch, Robert Sevener, global lead for Michelin general aviation tires said: “The Michelin Pilot offers state-of-the-art features for piston and turbo-prop applications, and reflects Michelin’s proven history of developing ultra-high-performance tires.” He added: “Our customers want a deep tread to achieve more landings and a lighter tire to improve fuel efficiency and increase range. The new Pilot tire provides both in this aircraft sector.”
The Michelin Pilot is designed to have extra-long tire life as a result of an improved carcass construction that delivers increased durability and improved resistance to foreign object damage. The tire incorporates the latest high-technology ozone-resistant compounds into the sidewall rubber. The natural contour-mold profile promotes casing equilibrium for improved footprint-pressure distribution in the contact patch. By significantly improving overall tire life, pilots may achieve more take-offs and landings while purchasing fewer tires.
Designed with additional belt plies that strengthen the crown area, the Michelin Pilot helps deliver improved wear and exceptional tread life. The tire’s exclusive manufacturing process creates built-in balance for smooth taxiing and even tire wear, helping to provide true-track taxi, take-offs and landings for propeller-driven aircraft.
The Michelin Pilot tire, crafted with highly-durable rubber compounds, has up to 21 per cent deeper skid depth. A natural contour carcass line reduces ply stresses and the tubeless-tire design reduces the combined tire-wheel weight and helps eliminate tire creep (the tendency of a tire to move around the wheel hub at touchdown). This high-performance bias tire can also be used with a tube, delivering the same enhanced performance to pilots who use tube-type rims.
Long-term ozone and UV light protection incorporated into the tire provides all-weather protection. The two wide grooves in the tire tread evacuate water efficiently on wet runways, and promote excellent resistance to hydroplaning for safer operations in wet-weather conditions.
The Michelin Pilot is currently available in two sizes for the United States, Canada and Europe: 15x6.00-6 6/160 and 5.00-5 6/160. Three additional sizes will be available later in 2018, with the sixth size targeted for 2019. To learn more about aviation tires, visit

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ATP and SchweizerRSG Sign Exclusive Agreement for Technical Publication Distribution Using the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application

AskBob News - Tue, 07/31/2018 - 09:07

ATP’s Cloud-Based Distribution Will Ensure that Maintainers Have Immediate Access to the Latest Maintenance and Compliance Information for SchweizerRSG aircraft.

BRISBANE, CALIFORNIA – July 9, 2018 – ATP   — the premier provider of information tools and services for the aviation industry — and SchweizerRSG today announced an exclusive partnership to offer maintenance providers the industry’s most advanced technical publication service, which is available as a single source solution that can include airframe, engine and other components. With the partnership, maintenance providers working on 269 series helicopters will be able to dramatically boost productivity while cutting costs and repair times.  

The agreement covers all variants of 269 series helicopters, which are now integrated into ATP® Maintenance Libraries, the industry’s most comprehensive, single-source maintenance and regulatory publication resource. Through the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application, subscribers have a convenient way to find the most up to date publications required to keep the aircraft safe and airworthy while also preventing costly regulatory lapses. ATP will ensure customers receive the most up-to-date content by distributing any new updates through the company’s daily revision services.

"It was important to Schweizer that a quality, supported platform be selected for the management of the publications to ensure ease of access and use for owners, operators and maintenance providers.  The ATP Maintenance Library enables maintainers to have access to the most current publications, inspection, and repair information for 269 Series aircraft literally at their fingertips," said David Horton, President of SchweizerRSG. "This partnership represents our commitment to timely and required information dissemination through an established channel in the marketplace to support the Schweizer product line,” he added.

Maintenance operations working on 269 Series Helicopters will also benefit from productivity and accessibility tools such as the ATP Aviation Hub™ Mobile App, which provides convenient online and offline access to mission critical maintenance, operating, and regulatory content; and the company’s “Profile & Compliance” tool, which ensures proper compliance tracking for Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs).

“By leveraging ATP’s information tools and services, maintenance professionals working on Schweizer series helicopters will be able to service the aircraft better, faster and more accurately in order to ensure optimal safety, reliability and availability,” said Ted Haugner, Vice President of OEM sales for ATP. “This partnership enables SchweizerRSG to leverage our core competencies in serving the specialized information needs of maintenance professionals.”

Under the partnership, SchweizerRSG will take advantage of ATP’s core competencies in advanced content distribution, revision management, publication management, and subscription management for maintenance and technical information. Subscribers will also be supported by ATP’s world-class customer service center, global network of channel partners, and the company’s deep experience in aviation maintenance, operations and regulatory information.

Libraries are available for individual SchweizerRSG models or a complete bundled library covering all SchweizerRSG 269 Series models. All libraries include FAA Airworthiness Directives and manufacturer services bulletins related to the aircraft. Annual subscriptions can be purchased in ATP’s online store for immediate, online access to content or by calling an ATP sales representative.

About SchweizerRSG

SchweizerRSG, is a privately held company that specializes in the support and production of light helicopters.  Specifically, the Schweizer S-300™ and S-333™ and aftermarket support for all models of Schweizer helicopters.  Schweizer RSG is conveniently located at Meacham Airfield in Ft. Worth, TX and has a global network of authorized service centers to meet service and parts needs around the world.

About ATP

ATP is a trusted partner of aviation manufacturers, operators and maintenance providers focused on maximizing the value of aircraft and aviation operations by providing a suite of reference content, airworthiness, diagnostics and reliability services that optimize aircraft availability and operational compliance. Through our 40+ years of experience in the aviation industry we have developed expertise in managing and analyzing content for maintenance, operations, and compliance. We add value through smarter reference content and diagnostics, integrating that information into decision support tools to drive improved decision making and productivity, and advisory services to deliver efficient operations.

For more information, visit

Find us on:


For More Information,
David Perkins

Senior Director of Marketing
Tel: (+1) 415-330-9544
E-mail: [email protected]

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