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How are Light Weight Aircraft Materials Holding Up?

04.12.11 | 3:40 PM

Leaving your mark in the Industry

Recently I visited the Helicopter Association Canada show in Vancouver. It’s not a huge show but still is a lot of fun.

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03.25.11 | 1:50 PM

New Partnership with Vertical Magazine

I am trying to create the ultimate helicopter market place for buying and selling helicopters and parts, we started working together with Vertical Magazine. 

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02.28.11 | 1:39 AM

Are we being be gouged by manufactures?

First thing I want to say is I am a huge fan of the MD (Hughes) 500 helicopters. I have spent the majority of my career maintaining D and E models.

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12.18.10 | 6:25 PM

Epic of Santa

 T'was More >>

11.25.10 | 4:38 PM

SMS- How does it fit in with a small company?

  I am the DOM of a small Helicopter Company on Vancouver Island Canada. We have 3 pilots and 2 helicopters and 1 mechanic (Me).

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11.23.10 | 10:43 PM

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We have introduced widgets to our account holders.

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