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As the Wrench Turns
07.01.15 | 4:40 AM

How are Light Weight Aircraft Materials Holding Up? John Goglia

As we all know, aircraft manufacturers have been under tremendous competitive pressure to lighten up their aircraft so the airline customers who buy them can increase the aircraft’s range and

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06.01.15 | 5:29 PM

Torqued: Pilots and Mechanics Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance

If you missed the NTSB’s safety alerts this past month, three were targeted at general aviation pilots and one at GA mechanics.

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05.19.15 | 5:09 PM

Aviation’s First Mechanic Finally Gets His Due in New Wright Brothers Biography - John Goglia

 It took over a hundred years but the world’s first aviation mechanic is finally getting the recognition he so justly deserves in the new Wright Brothers biography released just in time

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04.30.15 | 8:28 PM

Save the Date: Planning Begins for 2016 Maintenance Skills Competition

 With a very successful maintenance skills competition this past month at the Miami Beach Convention Center, held in conjunction with the annual MRO show, there is little time to celebrate our

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03.31.15 | 6:26 PM

ARSA Video Celebrates Work of Aviation Mechanics - John Goglia

 Let’s face it - most documentaries about aviation and aviation jobs don’t focus on aircraft mechanics. As critical as the work is, it’s just not the work that garners m

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03.02.15 | 7:43 AM

Supervisors' Responsibility when Mechanics Won't Sign Off Work

 If A Supervisor Disagrees With a Mechanic about a Manual Interpretation, Why Doesn’t He Just Take Responsibility for Signing It Off?

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02.25.15 | 6:10 PM

Southwest Airlines Settles Whistleblower Suit By Mechanic Disciplined For Reporting Cracks in 737

 Southwest Airlines has settled a whistleblower lawsuit filed by a mechanic alleging that he was disciplined for finding and reporting two cracks in the fuselage of a Boeing 737-700

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02.02.15 | 4:31 AM

2015 NTSB Most Wanted Safety Improvements Apply to Mechanics, Too

 The NTSB recently published its 2015 list of its top 10 most critical safety recommendations.  These recommendations are based on the NTSB’s i

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12.31.14 | 12:02 AM

2015 Aerospace Maintenance Skills Competition: UPDATE

 As a new year begins and we get closer to our 2015 Maintenance Skills competition, I thought this would be a good time to update everyone on where we are and what has been happening. More >>