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As the Wrench Turns
12.31.14 | 12:02 AM

2015 Aerospace Maintenance Skills Competition: UPDATE

 As a new year begins and we get closer to our 2015 Maintenance Skills competition, I thought this would be a good time to update everyone on where we are and what has been happening. More >>

12.01.14 | 5:00 PM

Friends in Right Places by John Goglia

 I frequently think of the Garth Brooks song, “Friends in Low Places”, when I fly these days. Not because I have friends in “low” places, but I do feel lucky to ha

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10.31.14 | 8:02 PM

Engine Assembly at NBAA Convention Spotlights Mechanics’ Work - John Goglia

 There were so many great displays at the NBAA Convention in Orlando last week, from static displays of new business aircraft to the latest in electronic wizardry for these planes and helicopt

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10.01.14 | 3:57 PM

FAA’s $425,000 Civil Penalty against Gulfstream: Message to Mechanics by John Goglia

 On September 16 the FAA issued a press release announcing a proposed $425,000 civil penalty against Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

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09.01.14 | 5:03 PM

Midnight Shifts at JFK in the Goodfellas Years - John Goglia

 The arrests earlier this year for an infamous crime committed almost four decades earlier – the brazen robbery of $6 million in cash and jewels from a Lufthansa cargo building at JFK In

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07.30.14 | 8:42 PM

Yes, Fellow Mechanics, Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 Would Apply to YOU, Too! And You Have Until August 8 to Comment. - John Goglia

Don’t be fooled a second time.  Just as with the Pilot’s Bill of Rights that was enacted into law two years ago this summer, when some in Congress write the word "pilot",

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06.30.14 | 11:06 PM

An Airport 4th of July Barbecue to Remember by John Goglia

 As another Independence Day approaches, my thoughts turn to how different work used to be, especially on holidays. While the lead up to major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and t

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05.30.14 | 10:10 PM

Save the Date! 2015 Aerospace Maintenance Skills Competition - John Goglia

 Hot on the heels of another successful AMC skills competition this past

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04.30.14 | 9:09 PM

When Pulling a Black Box Isn't the Right Thing to Do - by John Goglia

Black boxes – both the CVRs and FDRs – contain crucial information for accident investigators, as you all well know. It’s clear that finding out what happened to Malaysia A

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04.01.14 | 3:42 PM

Crash of USAir Flight 5050: One Unidentified Passenger’s Story by John Goglia

I was recently reminded of the USAir 5050 accident at La Guardia Airport back on September 20, 1989 by all the coverage of the Malaysia Air Flight 370. As many of you probably remember, the Bo

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