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How do you track maintenance requirements?

As the Wrench Turns
04.01.14 | 10:42 AM

Crash of USAir Flight 5050: One Unidentified Passenger’s Story by John Goglia

I was recently reminded of the USAir 5050 accident at La Guardia Airport back on September 20, 1989 by all the coverage of the Malaysia Air Flight 370. As many of you probably remember, the Bo

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02.28.14 | 6:08 PM

Slow Down! The Perils of Speeding and Towing Aircraft by John Goglia

With all the pressures of on time performance and meeting a schedule, it’s easy for the voice in your head telling you to go slow to be drowned out by the louder voices telling you to hurry u

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01.31.14 | 5:10 PM

Remembering Some of the Employee Airline Perks of Yesteryear by John Goglia

This story comes courtesy of my daughter who was visiting with me at lunch yesterday. Reminiscing about her college days in Washington, D.C., she reminded me of a perk we airline workers took

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12.31.13 | 3:33 PM

Note to USAirways and American Mechanics: Now the Merger Starts to Get Personal - John Goglia

Up until now, the merger of American and USAirways has been a battle waged by corporate executives, lawyers and union leaders. Now that the battle has been won and the merger will go through,

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12.02.13 | 11:05 AM

Situational Awareness Especially Critical for Field Service Mechanics by John Goglia

There’s a reason insurance companies rate aviation maintenance work as a risky occupation. Injuries on the ramp or in the hangar are not uncommon and some – as common as falls from

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10.31.13 | 2:12 PM

When Maintenance Directions Are Subject to Interpretation by John Goglia

This story came to mind recently when I overheard a couple of employees talking about two ways of interpreting their boss’s instructions for work he wanted done. For sure, both interpret

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10.01.13 | 10:50 AM

A Flight to Remember with Bob Hoover and a Shout-Out to the Mechanics who Maintained the Aircraft - John Goglia

I hadn’t thought about this flight in years. Many, many years. But just like that, it popped up in my mind.

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09.04.13 | 11:07 AM

US Airways – American Merger Should Be Good for All Mechanics, John Goglia

 It was disturbing to see the US Department of Justice’s last-minute maneuver to try to block the merger of US Airways and American Airlines after allowing the last two major airline mer

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07.31.13 | 7:02 PM

When Mechanics Could Travel the World without a Passport by John Goglia

I was thinking recently about how much easier it was for airline workers to travel in the good ole days before 9/11 changed our world forever.

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07.01.13 | 12:23 PM

Hang on to Your Tools! by John Goglia

Reading about other people’s screw ups reminds me of my own or those I’ve observed around me, where I’ve often thought, “ that could have been me”.   As

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