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As the Wrench Turns
10.30.15 | 11:12 PM

Fixing Airplanes in Guyana

 Aviation is so much a part of the US economy that we may sometimes forget what a very central role it plays in so many aspects of national and international commerce.More >>

09.30.15 | 11:48 PM

Of Maintenance and Fatigue - John Goglia

 I recently wrote about an accident investigation conducted by the British equivalent of the NTSB that concluded that maintenance errors were the probable cause.  The acciden

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09.01.15 | 2:40 PM

Why Mechanics Should Think Twice about Taxiing Aircraft

 Seeing the Southwest 737 in the mud at Orlando International Airport with a broken nose landing gear this past week reminded me why I think mechanics should think twice about taxiing aircraft

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08.03.15 | 5:38 AM

Could this Maintenance Accident Happen to You? - John Goglia

 Some of you may remember the British Airways Airbus 319 aircraft that lost the fan cowl doors from both engines on take-off from Heathrow Airport two years ago resulting in damage to the airc

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07.01.15 | 4:40 AM

How are Light Weight Aircraft Materials Holding Up? John Goglia

As we all know, aircraft manufacturers have been under tremendous competitive pressure to lighten up their aircraft so the airline customers who buy them can increase the aircraft’s range and

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06.01.15 | 5:29 PM

Torqued: Pilots and Mechanics Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance

If you missed the NTSB’s safety alerts this past month, three were targeted at general aviation pilots and one at GA mechanics.

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05.19.15 | 5:09 PM

Aviation’s First Mechanic Finally Gets His Due in New Wright Brothers Biography - John Goglia

 It took over a hundred years but the world’s first aviation mechanic is finally getting the recognition he so justly deserves in the new Wright Brothers biography released just in time

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04.30.15 | 8:28 PM

Save the Date: Planning Begins for 2016 Maintenance Skills Competition

 With a very successful maintenance skills competition this past month at the Miami Beach Convention Center, held in conjunction with the annual MRO show, there is little time to celebrate our

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03.31.15 | 6:26 PM

ARSA Video Celebrates Work of Aviation Mechanics - John Goglia

 Let’s face it - most documentaries about aviation and aviation jobs don’t focus on aircraft mechanics. As critical as the work is, it’s just not the work that garners m

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