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Tips Presented for Pressurization System Check on Citation Mustang 510

Posted by AskBob on 07.26.10 at 01:04 PM

The following information is presented to assist technicians new to the Citation Mustang. The material has been developed in response
to calls from maintenance technicians inquiring about locations of the test connections and procedures required to perform Task 21-30-00-720, “Pressurization System Functional Check” in the Model 510 Maintenance Manual.

Cabin pressurization test cart connections for both the main air supply and the cabin pressure sense are located behind access panel 311DBC in the aft baggage compartment.

Note: Service air is not required since the Mustang does not have an inflatable door seal.

The closing of both outflow valves is accomplished by utilizing some of the incoming low-pressure air from the test cart.

Per the test procedure, the manifold tube connected to the pressurization controller port labeled “Pm” is disconnected. Then the manifold tube is temporarily attached to the port on the left bleed air supply tube located directly below the controller. Refer to the “Non-Flare Fittings and Nylon Tubing – Maintenance Practices” in Chapter 20 of the Model 510 Maintenance Manual.

Note: A locally fabricated adapter line will be necessary to connect the manifold tube to the left bleed air supply tube.

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