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New AD Research Tool from the FAA

Posted by AskBob on 08.20.09 at 10:06 AM

 The FAA recently released a new AD website at  As of this morning, the old AD website was still available at  

I strongly encourage all aviation maintenance professionals to understand how your AD research tool works so you are able to do complete and through research. In the past, I have cautioned users of the old site to heed the front page warning and do research under both the model and series. I have also found it smart to look under the current and historic manufacturer names.
The new site incorporates new keyword searching capabilities. It is very important you spend the time to understand how the searches work on the new site.
What do you think? Do you find the new search tool better? Easier? Accurate? Complete?
Please post a comment on your thoughts about this new website and take our poll.

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CV-22 Fan on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 16:05

I've tried to put a list together for a 172R and it has pulled a series of things including MD Helicopters applicable ADs!?
I have been using a vendor AD library for years because I don't think that there is enough time in my day to try all kinds of searches to get it right. This new tool is nowhere near what my regulatory library is providing in terms accuracy and time saving. At first sight, this new tool is just worse than the previous one.

dhpnet on Fri, 08/21/2009 - 08:00

I agree, I just don't have time to waste searching around when I know I can get what I need quickly in one place with another solution.