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DME testing

I am sending in my application to become a DME. If I get accepted, I then have to take a knowledge test. Does anyone know what this covers and if there is a study guide for this? It's been a while since I was in school and I would like to refresh on some things. Thanks!

It used to be the General test, not sure what it is now.

Please review the following chapters of 8900.2a Chg 2

Chapter 2. Selection and Appointment

Chapter 3. Oversight, Training, and Renewal

The DME written test is very similar to the General written exam, however there a many questions on this exam you will just have to know from experience. The good part is you only have to take this written test once. When I took the exam I quickly answered all the general questions I knew for sure then went back and read the other questions several times to make sure I understood what the question was asking, this is important to pick the correct answer.

DMEs are expected to have a well round aviation knowledge, but having the General knowledge test down will certainly help you pass this test.

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