Cessna Introduces NLG Improvement 680 and 750

Cessna recently issued two service letters to reduce the potential for hydraulic leaks in Nose Landing Gear (NLG) struts. The informational service letter provides instructions and parts to replace the seal in the isolation piston with an improved seal and retainer nut.

SL680-32-08, “Nose Landing Gear Strut Seal Improvement,” affects 680-0001 thru -0265, -0267 thru -0271, and 0273 thru 0290. SL750-32-29, “Nose Landing Gear Strut Seal Improvement,” affects 750-0001 thru -0308.

The modification requires a parts number change for the isolation piston. The new retainer nut and spacer also increases cost of the strut overhaul during the initial installation. However, Cessna believes that reliability gained from this modification is cost effective. Citation Customer Service recommends that owner/operators incorporate this service letter during the next NLG strut overhaul.

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