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11.13.10 | 7:02 PM

New FAA Interpretation on Rotax Training

 As expected, the adoption  of the Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft

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12.14.12 | 4:23 PM

Our Annual National Symposium is coming back!

2013 AVM Summit & PAMA National Annual Symposium

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Aircraft Mechanics Examiner
09.25.10 | 5:00 AM

SHELL Model is the foundation to understanding Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance

Using models to explain complex systems are useful in giving a visual sense of how elements of these systems interact and affect one another.

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11.05.12 | 5:29 PM

Decision Making

 Essence of decision making whether one is a pilot, air traffic controller, or aircraft mechanic is:


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03.02.15 | 5:48 PM

Aircraft Record Keeping

Poor records, either the way they are produced or in the way that they are stored, will lead to huge financial losses when aircraft, engines or parts are sold or leased.

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As the Wrench Turns
03.02.15 | 7:43 AM

Supervisors' Responsibility when Mechanics Won't Sign Off Work

 If A Supervisor Disagrees With a Mechanic about a Manual Interpretation, Why Doesn’t He Just Take Responsibility for Signing It Off?

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