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Featured Stories

Virgin Galactic's White Knight 2 and Spaceship 2 rendezvoused with a commercial flight

10.14.14 | 10:47 AM

 When passengers boarded this plane bound for San Francisco, they never could've guesse

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FAA’s Aviation MX Human Factors Newsletter

10.06.14 | 10:47 AM

 Written by maintenance human factors professionals dedicated to identifying and optimizing the factors that affect human performance in maintenance and inspection.

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FAA’s $425,000 Civil Penalty against Gulfstream: Message to Mechanics by John Goglia

10.01.14 | 08:57 AM

 On September 16 the FAA issued a press release announcing a proposed $425,000 civil penalty against Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

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“Serious” Petition to FAA

09.24.14 | 05:07 PM

 On Sept.

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Future Aircraft to have Sensitive 'Smart Skin'

09.23.14 | 10:21 AM

 Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detection of injury or damage and the ability to ‘feel’ the world around them.

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Major or Minor Alterations

09.19.14 | 03:06 PM

Recently there has been lots of discussion about installation of external camera mounts, such as “GoPro” or NFlight” cameras and the question ask to the FAA is this considered a minor alteration as de

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Safetying 101

09.15.14 | 03:13 PM

The word safetying is a term universally used in the aircraft industry.

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