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Featured Stories

Major or Minor Alterations

09.19.14 | 03:06 PM

Recently there has been lots of discussion about installation of external camera mounts, such as “GoPro” or NFlight” cameras and the question ask to the FAA is this considered a minor alteration as de

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Safetying 101

09.15.14 | 03:13 PM

The word safetying is a term universally used in the aircraft industry.

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Experimental AD

09.08.14 | 11:53 AM

 Do you have to do ADs on certified eng, mags, and carb. On experimental?

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Experimental 337?

09.08.14 | 07:22 AM

Where do I find information on addressing repairs and alterations for an experimental, I dont see any 337's ??

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Special Inspection Document (SID) Mandatory?

09.06.14 | 08:58 PM

SID is "Special Inspection Document" which details certain inspection requirements that are outside the regular scheduled maintenance inspection intervals.

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Midnight Shifts at JFK in the Goodfellas Years - John Goglia

09.01.14 | 10:03 AM

 The arrests earlier this year for an infamous crime committed almost four decades earlier – the brazen robbery of $6 million in cash and jewels from a Lufthansa cargo building at JFK In

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Pilots Bill of Rights for Mechanics

08.30.14 | 06:15 PM

There is a lot of confusion in the aviation industry currently about the Pilot’s Bill of Rights (PBR) and does this apply to anyone other than pilots?

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Railroads and Transportation

08.28.14 | 09:53 PM

Railroads and Transportation

Does the statement, "We've always done it that way" ring any bells? Read to the end. It was a new one for me.

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