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RE: Rotax Times

03.24.15 | 10:22 AM

I have a specific question regarding aircraft, engine, and component times.

As defined in 14 CFR Part 1 Time in service, with respect to maintenance time records, means the time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface of the earth until it touches it at the next point of landing.

As defined by Rotax in their Line Maintenance Manual for Rotax® Engine Type 912 Series ( p.43 (05-10-00 page 3)

As you can see there is considerable difference between the two definitions of time. The question has arisen regarding maintaining the aircraft in accordance with Part 135 standards. The question regarding times has come up, because an agency wants clarification of which definition of time is appropriate.

The three scenarios that come to mind are:
1. Use the definition included in Title 14 CFR Part 1 for all maintenance.
2. Use the definition included in Title 14 CFR Part 1 for airframe maintenance for aircraft equipped with a Rotax engine and Rotax definition of time for the engine and engine accessories.
3. Use the Rotax definition of time for the aircraft and engine for aircraft equipped with a Rotax engine.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on this matter, especially considering that the intent regarding Part 135 is to insure an adequate level of safety and oversight.

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Part 43 Quiz

03.23.15 | 06:36 PM

As a aircraft A&P we should always know what the regulations mean and keep current of any changes that take place. Below is a quiz on Part 43 with the answers see how many you get correct.

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What Wasn't Written....

03.19.15 | 10:17 AM

I have employed a rather exhausting campaign over the years to read and understand the regulations. Why, early in my career one of my mentors asked me if I had read and understood FAR 43?

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Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Parts

03.15.15 | 12:27 AM

Many time owners and operators will purchase and install a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Part and the question comes up can PMA parts be installed on Type Certificated aircraft and articles.

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Aircraft Maintenance Records Acronyms

03.10.15 | 06:19 PM

As an aircraft mechanic, we all know that after completing a maintenance tasks we are required by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) to make a record entry.

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Aircraft Record Keeping

03.02.15 | 10:48 AM

Poor records, either the way they are produced or in the way that they are stored, will lead to huge financial losses when aircraft, engines or parts are sold or leased.

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If You Cross the Line, You've Crossed the Line

03.02.15 | 03:26 AM


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Supervisors' Responsibility when Mechanics Won't Sign Off Work

03.02.15 | 12:43 AM

 If A Supervisor Disagrees With a Mechanic about a Manual Interpretation, Why Doesn’t He Just Take Responsibility for Signing It Off?

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When Two (or More) Heads Are Better Than One: Effective Safety Committees

02.26.15 | 10:07 AM

Do you ever feel as if you’re at odds with your supervisors and workers over safety?

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Southwest Airlines Settles Whistleblower Suit By Mechanic Disciplined For Reporting Cracks in 737

02.25.15 | 11:10 AM

 Southwest Airlines has settled a whistleblower lawsuit filed by a mechanic alleging that he was disciplined for finding and reporting two cracks in the fuselage of a Boeing 737-700

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