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ATP Announces Integration of Cessna Citation Data Into ATP Aviation Hub™

02.14.17 | 01:44 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP)— the aviation industry's premier provider of information, tools, and services—today announced the company has reached an agreement with Textron Aviation, the parent company of Cessna, that enables ATP to directly integrate technical data from the Cessna Citation family of business jets into the ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud and mobile applications. With the integration of Citation data into ATP’s suite of “smart content” services, maintenance providers and owner/operators are now able to significantly boost productivity while cutting costs and repair times.

The agreement covers all of the variants of the Cessna Citation family of jets, which have been phased into the ATP® Maintenance Libraries, the industry’s most comprehensive single source maintenance publication resource. Through the ATP Knowledge™ Portal, ATP subscribers have, for the first time, a convenient way to find the most up-to-date publications required to keep aircraft safe and airworthy, while also preventing costly regulatory lapses. ATP will ensure customers receive the most up-to-date content by distributing any new updates through the company’s daily revision service.

“This is something our customers have been asking for and after working closely with Textron Aviation, we’re pleased to be able to announce this new milestone in helping our customers work more efficiently and effectively,” said Bob Jones, managing editor of the ATP AskBob™ Community, an online community that leverages collective maintenance knowledge. “Our Cessna Citation customers now have anywhere, anytime access to all relevant technical and regulatory data from a single convenient source. Equally as important, we’re continuing to find new ways to streamline and interconnect all of this in order to provide a customized experience that further boosts productivity and accuracy while ensuring safety and compliance.”

As the critical hub connecting key industry players, ATP recently announced a new vision to expand industry value by interconnecting data, workflows, diagnostics, troubleshooting, proactive fault detection and maintenance processes in order to help all constituents operate more productively. ATP’s integrated suite of services offers customers exceptional control, flexibility, and affordability by digitizing and integrating previously disconnected and time-intensive maintenance workflows with embedded content.
ATP consolidates and organizes thousands of publications from hundreds of manufacturers—as well as regulatory information from the FAA and EASA. Fully integrated with ATP’s unique platform of tools and services, ATP Libraries enable customers to drive dramatic improvements in productivity, cost savings, and aircraft utilization. ATP customers have anywhere, anytime access to this mission critical information via the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud and Mobile Applications, which uniquely enable customers to intelligently manage airworthiness, improve accuracy, troubleshoot faults and detect failure trends for enhanced performance, improved operations and decreased operating costs.

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) is the aviation industry's premier provider of information tools and services for manufacturers, operators/owners, and maintenance providers. The company helps businesses seamlessly manage all of their maintenance processes—from maintenance and compliance tracking, to diagnostics, troubleshooting, and fault detection to inventory management—on a unified, cloud based SaaS platform. ATP partners with more than 50 manufacturers to help thousands of customers in nearly a hundred countries ensure the highest levels of airworthiness, equipment and business performance, aircraft value, safety, compliance and productivity.

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Lifting Airbus 320 from the Hudson

01.31.17 | 12:48 PM

 Thought the readers might be interested.  

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Pratt has recently issues SB PT6-72-1669R11 for PT6-114/114A

01.31.17 | 09:25 AM

 Thanks to Winsor Brown for a heads up on this issue.


Good Morning to ALL


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Hartzell Engine Technologies Announces the Availability of FAA Certified South Wind Replacement Cabin Heaters

01.31.17 | 09:18 AM

Montgomery, AL, (January 31, 2017)  — Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), announced today that as a result of its asset purchase of C&D Associates in 2016,

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AMTA End of Year Update

12.22.16 | 08:56 AM

 Greetings everyone,


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Is a mechanic or maintenance facility responsible for maintaining my aircraft in an airworthy condition?

12.20.16 | 02:14 PM

 Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: Airworthiness Directives— GA maintenance i

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Breaking Bad

12.15.16 | 02:08 PM

 Ever wondered what to do when you see an airman doing something they shouldn’t?

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