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Featured Stories

Midnight Shifts at JFK in the Goodfellas Years - John Goglia

09.01.14 | 10:03 AM

 The arrests earlier this year for an infamous crime committed almost four decades earlier – the brazen robbery of $6 million in cash and jewels from a Lufthansa cargo building at JFK In

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Pilots Bill of Rights for Mechanics

08.30.14 | 06:15 PM

There is a lot of confusion in the aviation industry currently about the Pilot’s Bill of Rights (PBR) and does this apply to anyone other than pilots?

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Railroads and Transportation

08.28.14 | 09:53 PM

Railroads and Transportation

Does the statement, "We've always done it that way" ring any bells? Read to the end. It was a new one for me.

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Safety Wire

08.27.14 | 10:07 PM

Safety wire or lockwire is a type of positive locking device that prevents fasteners from loosening or falling out due to vibration and other forces.

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The Human Relay: Fully Energized

08.27.14 | 09:27 AM

  It seemed like just another routine U.S. Navy avionics-maintenance task: Aircraft 501, an EA-6B Prowler, required a new left DC hold-relay.

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Notice 8900.273 Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Designated Mechanic Examiner

08.26.14 | 03:30 AM

This notice guides Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aviation safety inspectors (ASI) in reexamining persons holding mechanic certificates with airframe and/or powerplant ratings who were teste

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Quiet Please

08.25.14 | 09:43 AM

 Today, while watching the Barclays golf tournament I marveled at the silence surrounding the golfers while executing their golf swing.

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Progressive Event Inspection Sign Offs

08.24.14 | 02:02 AM

There has been a lot of confusion about Progressive Inspections and who can sign off the individual event inspections.

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